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July 2011

Virtual Relationships Have Value

Feeling the romance in a virtual relationships, and internet love... what is reality?I run a philosopher group within Second Life and have learned LOTs!

I use to believe "You guys have GOT to be Kidding me.. you want a relationship with a cartoon?"

There are 3 ways of coming into a virtual world. Dissassociatively: meaning you don't give any value to the pixels or the people behind and are purely coming in for entertainment. Immersively: Acting & reacting as if the avatar represented you and discussions are honest or you perceive they are honest. They come in to meet people and socialize.

Engaging Education-tool orientation

TeachingGroupFacilitation at Rockcliffe in Second Life with Pamala Clift group facilitation expert
So many new companies coming out with different methods of communicating information and social interactions yet the general populace only see these as fads and work to avoid them.

Even I will use power point to help facilitate my lectures in a virtual world. It isn't power point that is  responsible for a good or bad dissemination of information, it is the presenter. 

The point of giving information is to have it be digestible to the recipients. Something familiar amid a whole lot of newness allows for a common perception.

Focus on the Horizon

So you have been laid off... You just got divorced... The children left home... Your health has shifted.. All are challenges with new horizons. We have to shift our focus now, but the key to surviving transition is to 'look up'.

Everything ends in this mortal existence. Whole genres of careers and businesses get outdated. The linear time line of life never stays the same as well, BUT the horizon is still out there.

I became particularly interested in how a shift in focus removes a lot of stress when I was only 16 and taking my driver's ed course.