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October 2011

Sheep vs Visionary

Pamala's tiny black sheep avatar, Now what is my avatar perception?So the Wright brothers were crazy. Steve Jobs was bizarre. The focus of  the world is on what is normal. If you are not like everyone else you are either a wacko or under delusion.

(... oooh.. unless you have money!  Then you can be a Visionary, but that only happens AFTER you have spent years beating your head against tradition to make something happen while everyone laughs, telling you you're a nut case.) 

We sooo have this sheep thing going on! We can ONLY be right if we are in the flock.

Amazing Cultural Formation Before our Very Eyes!

Cultural-Legends, Why are real life fantasies more relevant than pixelated. fantasies? What is Reality?One of the great uses of virtual worlds is the ability to learn a different culture. Some virtual environments allow you to go visit and talk with those in Germany or Brazil and learn the language the way people use it now and in context.

But outside of the direct component is the value of  "Learning HOW"  to understand another culture." 

 A culture is defined by its legends, it's unique art forms, music, architecture, methods of communication and style of living.

No Fence Sitting about Virtual- It is Absolutely.. ???

Pamala fence sitting in virtual worlds, contemplating as always- What is Reality?
Today's political environment is less clear than it use to be. 

Seems everyone is saying the same thing and trying to point fingers, but can'f find the traditional fence to point over because everything is muddled.

I have long been of the philosophy that says "moderation in all things".  

But Virtual worlds instantly seems to draw an emotional line in people's mind..It is REAL/No it is NOT Real.

Or those that can't figure out their own mind.  "It is NOT Real.

Can Face to Face be less?

Perceptions of reality, biological avatar vs pixelated avatar, what is reality? and your avatar perceptions?Face to Face is touted as the ultimate in human interaction.

I am questioning that?

Face to Face has important non-verbals cues, BUT...

It also has immediate blockers that dismiss people as not part of YOUR preferred tribe. Instantly we discount their thoughts and ideas for a zillion different reasons. Communication has ended.

Just because of the visual cues we slide the person into a slot as invalid. That slot can be because we have never interacted with someone like them before or had a previous interaction with a group that we have already compartmentalized.