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February 2012

Connections come to light! Will that be good or bad?

Round 4 of the cover design. Just approved the internal design.. (*fingers crossed* on that decision.) I have been running this new version of the cover by contacts in virtual environments.

What do you think?. First impressions? Would you buy or be interested in a book with this cover?

A lot of great thoughts, a good many of them have been incorporated into this design. Some thoughts are conflicting.. color should be darker, lighter.. Get rid of the little people, get rid of the center picture... move the line.

Virtual Valentines Better than AI

Try it you might like it.
You know when I first saw those little animated robots that were pets or had some response to you in an interactive way I was WOW'd. 

I use to watch a tv series that had a rogue electronic guy interrupt the television show and could interact. 

Wouldn't it be fun to have someone who lived in your computer that could talk to you and respond whenever you needed to vent or bounce ideas around. No, I am not talking about Paper Clip cartoon tutorials from old Microsoft days.

Validation Measures

"Virgin's Handbook on Virtual Relationships" which had a Kickstarter project engaged for the funding of the publication has reached its targeted goal! TY TY!
The philosopher, that is my core being, hates to deal with the realities of the world's valuation method of dollars. However, that is societies currency. Is someone willing to pay money in exchange for what you have to offer.

Yet, is it indeed what our internal  being desires?  If handed a bunch of money, would that be what makes us happy?