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March 2012

Mediocre America-I know why!

With political spinning and respinning dominating the media, the question of the United States falling behind as a world leader has everyone in a panic. 

The U.S.IS falling behind and I can tell you why!

*Waves magic wand over crystal ball* 

We are focused on documenting EVERYTHING to PROVE we know something, to prove we are "REAL". 

In SL, virtual worlds & social media, where we we are "not" real, *smile* we are not so regulated, our dreams are free to fly and creativity abounds.

IMVU Is the Psychology the same?

Decided to go back into IMVU  after the distasteful 2 hour initial visit about a year ago. 

Apparently I didn't block my age and I was instantly attacked as not belonging in their teenage dominated domain. *puts hands on hips* The language that the kids use now a days? Really!

Apparently it claims 50 million subscribers around the world. I now became the noob. Words that I had no idea what they were and acronyms that went over my head. This time I did block my age. At least I could listen.

Virtual Worlds for Prison Inmates--That could work!

I was at a hotel in Portland the other day. I was there to witness a real-life first meeting between two individuals that had met 15 yrs ago online and then again recently met in virtual worlds. (The meeting went well by the way.)

I let them alone in the hotel room to talk and went downstairs to the workout area and the business center. It was there that I met a gal who was from the Oregon prison system. Her job was to help orient inmates to the world outside. A particularly difficult thing to do since the world is moving so fast some of them never have had cell phones.