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May 2012

Virtual a Drain or Feed for the Soul?-Depends where you look?

Having a bad day? Want to retreat from the world?

Virtual places work to feed the soul on the bad days as well.

I was having a particularly bad time the other day, you know the type? The days when you feel like you need to curl up in a fetus position on your bed and eat ice cream..*smile*.(a bit of difficulty to eat from that position, I know, but believe me it can be

Still virtual works for those times. You can be with people and NOT be with people.  I came in and really didn't want to talk to anyone I knew, so went to a sim called "Play at Being", where the avatar sits and goes through meditation in quiet ambiance.

Negative Feedback? Hmmm Virtual or Real.. How do you take it?

Now with the book out there.. The work should be done, right? EEeeek, if that were only true.

Websites, links, reviews for the global community and getting things in other formats, beside the never ending publicity. 

All this cause I wished to assist others with the information that has proved valuable to so many with the presentations. 

I did this myself, no committee, no peer group assistance, no team to shuffle components back n forth till they are fine tuned. All the work, the assembling of ideas and integrating the input from others, all the decisions were my own.

Publicity-Self Interest or Global assist?

I am going round and round personally about publicity and my knee-jerk revulsion to putting myself out there as a pinnacle point personality.

I had the same trouble when I ran for city council.. so much so that I actually mentally solved my walking campaign by breaking my leg so I would have a self-viable excuse not to continue (unconsciously of course).

Now that the book is out and available on Amazon and as sales just start, I hate the fact that I am forced to promote it and myself to get the information I feel will be so valuable to those that could use it.