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June 2012

Meditating while online.. Beneficial? Social? or Mind?

Absolutely centered... "Ommmm, Ommmm" 

Sitting in a computer chair meditating with a group online. How bizarre and in some ways very revealing is that?

We connect while separated being quiet? We observe just avatars that are visual to us, yet it feels like we are all together. There is some continuity of something? Shared focus?

The University of Western Australia has a motto, "Seek Wisdom". They hold an annual machinima(a word that is a combination of Cinema & Machine)

We live in a Glass Bubble... Can you escape?

Who are we giving our data to? 

I remember in the old days when Google shakily made the statement in big bold red letters that they would be gathering data for aggregation. 

We were appalled but it didn't stop us. There was a functional search engine that offered useful information that we perceived we needed.

Now whenever you download ANY online software, browser, game update you are giving them permission to extract your actions, it can't be helped. 

They don't offer you the option to PAY for the program so that your data won't be mined and they worked their tail off to provide you this new technological innovation.

Social Networks for Kids.. It will happen with or without us.

I have squirmed and delayed writing this post, because I have little to offer, except what I have observed.

Most adults are dealing with online  as "Not Real". Since most parents don't understand orGETFacebook, Twitter, or even instant messaging apps, it is far easier to dismiss it as invalid than having to actually figure out what is happening.

I tried to approach this dilemma in my local library by putting an announcement for a presentation. "Virtual is NOT Going Away" .

What about 3D causes passion in education?

There is a passion for those of us that are in virtual environments that bond us together.

What we KNOW is that virtual worlds grant us experiences that teach us about ourselves and the people with whom we interact. We know that this is a powerful learning tool, but...

What are we actually trying to sell the rest of the world?

Gamification is the buzz word that answered the question of why our real life is not satisfying us. It showed us what motivates is the delightful 'trial and error' mode of learning that is currently not allowed in tightly structured formal education.