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Zombie Apocalypse Escape?

Facebook, at times, has been enlightening, although dismally so... 

Someone showed a video which was an experiment. He went walking around getting signatures to help Hillary banish the Bill of Rights!

People willingly giving up their freedoms and identity as a human and becoming just a cog of the elitism system... It blew me away.

We are brain dead zombies these days believing in "staying in the box". Zombies looking for entertainment and satiation, not introspection or contemplation.

Facade or Reality?

Glamor Shots use to be a big deal. Get yourself all fixed up, hair teased, sprayed and dressed up and take a picture.
We would look at ourselves and not recognize us. Who is that person in the mirror?

So 45 minutes of drawing on our face, covering our spots, making our eyes bigger, lashes longer, minimizing wrinkles ... and THAT is reality for most women.

We can't seem to go out in public without "putting on our face" Why is that considered Real? Why is that considered right?

Does it mean that we do NOT want reality; we want a story?

Drone Thrills & Privacy Issues?

I got my order from Discovery magazine about Drones 360 and I was excited. 

How fun to be able to fly visually over anything you wanted, gain new perspective and learn how to fly and run a drone! Wouldn't everyone be jealous and want a chance to run it?

I saw so many uses for them, farming, photography, security, news reports, catastrophes, search and rescue... my mind was reeling. My Geek was showing.

Then I started seeing the vicious attacks on drones. Shooting sprees, hate mail to those that would use them and especially the American government and I had to step back.

Old...or the alternative?

Youth rule! That is what today's western culture wish us to believe. The old should do as Scrooge says, die and decrease the surplus population. 

That would cure so many of societal ills, if all the old and infirmed would not put such a heavy burden on the rest with Social Security, pensions, and medical needs.

Those near retirement are being fired early and no one wants to hire an elderly person, even if they don't SAY that. They figure you will point out the things they do wrong and they want to be boss.

When Preparedness Meets Opportunity- Instant Success

You often hear the phrase. He/She was an instant success! 

That means they were suddenly brought out of obscurity into the public eye for their expertise.

Did they just develop that expertise overnight? The public eye may have become instantly aware, but the expertise was developed over years and many trial & error struggles.

The railway couldn't have sent their first train to the west, until many things happened: the idea had to be conceptualized, the land surveyed, purchased, people hired and years of effort made to lay tracks.

To Copy is to Lose! Be Unique...

When you imitate another you will always lose. You can never be the same as the original. So the best you can hope for is second place.

We often compare ourselves to others. I am not as strong as he is; or I don't have her beautiful hair. This list goes on and on with things we are not as good as someone else. 

But no matter who you compare yourself to, one thing is certain... they will come in second if they try to be you.

You are unique. A huge component of strengths and weaknesses that spin a composite that no one can rightly imitate.

The Honeymoon of a New Relationship.

When a new connection is made life is a whirlwind. Trying to make your significant other happy. Hoping that as they get to know you they don't hit an impossible roadblock. (Nope, I can't be with someone that clips their toenails in bed...type thing)

It is as stressful as it is exciting. Will the rough edges of the two of you eventually interlock? Can he/she be everything they are portraying? Are they lying? Playing you? Are they just a leech and will run out on you when you can not provide any more stuff?

The Vacuum of a Break-up

What people are totally unprepared for when a breakup occurs is the vacuum.

Now a spot that has always been filled is gone? That hollow feeling, which repeatedly screams something-is-missing eats away at any resolve that constituted the breakup originally.

Vacuums are uncomfortable. Change is uncomfortable. Being a free ion probably is uncomfortable. Whenever there is a need to break, whether it be with a career choice, a significant other, a geographical location that is loved, anything that we considered ours and part of our identity .

OMG...or not! (When Bad Things Happen)

Bad things happen.

You have a disappointment or a biological snafoo and your first and only thought jumps to your worst fear. 

You are now using the little amount of positive energy you have toward, What? You are focusing your plot/story toward destruction.

Many of us read novels, biographies and movies, which as a requirement of interest, there is a major hiccup that has to be overcome. If there isn't such a catastrophe there is no reason to read the book, watch the movie or even have bothered with the story, right?

Stuck in Love Online?

Virtual relationships can be excellent support. They can also be invigorating, intriguing, feed our creativity, and put a spring in our step.

However, when your heart is so involved with your love online that you can not extract your feelings for real life engagements, it can feel like prison.

You are a prisoner of a love that doesn't seem plausible that it will ever come to fruition. You can't move forward with your life and you can't live just online, so what can you do?

It is simple for others to say, "Well forget him/her and move on.

How many Flavors of People?

You know how irrational it is when people try to compartmentalize you. 

"Oh, you're a yellow person, an INTJ, or you're an introvert." 

People try to squeeze you into an easy-to-understand judgemental box, so they can dismiss you or accept you based on an "either/or" decisions tree.

"You are not my religion, or the wrong color, too fat, too skinny" The way people superficially categorize others is a huge problem, especially when you are on the receiving end.

Time is Money? or Time is Happiness?

Most people who buy into the rules of the game look at their time as money. If I work harder, smarter I will get the points of the game...which is money.

With money I can buy the big house (I won't have time to stay in), the big tv (that shows the exact same shows as the little one), the fancy car (that drives the same distance to work as the economical one.) BUT people will look at me as successful!?!

That is apparently the point of the game... other people's approval. That is sad really. Don't the psychologists call that co-dependant?

Dating Sites--Is there hope?

Touch is so needed for these biological avatars we live in. We need to feel close to someone. Sometimes just a hug will do it. Sometimes you need a stable second personality to give you perspective.

Today the choices are... Meet someone at work; meet them at a bar; or a chance meeting at the laundromat or grocery store. A lot of hurdles to get to know someone, but dating sites say, "Come we All want someone. Meet them here!"

But remember each site needs money to run. Each site will claim they are the best in the business in one form or the other.

...But I am soo lonely?

Strange that with so many ways to connect in today's technological world, people can feel so alone.  

Everyone posts when something wonderful happens in their life or how much they love their significant other, which only increases the feelings of loneliness for those that are not actively engaged is some sort of partnership arrangement.

It can seem that all the world is happy and you just don't belong, but it is not so. 

We are ALL alone. That's right. Everyone of us are in our own skin and our own mind, alone!

A Call to Trolls!

What the &*(&)%!@#$! are you doing? I can hear the response

Trolls attack. They get in your face and make you examine every possible thought or motive that made you make a statement online. They are brutal and the more you respond with any type of emotion the more they nit-pick through your innards.

There are immersives that have become introverts, dropped off the web, and even committed suicide because of the viciousness of attacks. I am not condoning this type of behavior, but I can also see a tenaciousness that we need and can be directed toward reworking governments.

The Power of Acceptance

Crowd think. It is natural for our species to wish to belong. There is great power that can be wielded for good and evil because of that need.

Peer pressure would be an example of bad. Also patriotism and religion have been known to use this basic human need to manipulate individuals into doing things contrary to positive actions for self.

We need to feel accepted and valued. 

Yesterday's Roadside Philosopher's topic was, "What is your ultimate question?" We had many wonderful contributions but one question hit me as unique.

But what if I Fail?

Fear of failure seems to be a major motivating factor that STOPS everything.

"I can't talk to her. What if she doesn't like me?" 

We are afraid of rejection, so much so that games are incorporating that fear to get you to buy stuff. Wow, we can't even stand to see the word FAIL on a Candy Crush level so we will buy a cheat component to pass level 147.

"But what if I fail?" Is hardwired into us. Fail means you're not good enough...but in whose eyes? By what game?

Freedom of letting others be Free.

It is amazing how much we wish freedom for ourselves but want to curtail others.

It is also a knee-jerk reaction for women to want to tie down a man for their security, and men's desire NOT to be burdened. So we have a gender issue here.

We have those who think their religion should dominate the planet and they will do whatever they have to do to make others See the Light! 

There are those that say they are scientifically minded and believe everyone elses experiences irrelevant, seeking to step on and smear anything that can't be proved with numbers (as if numbers were not a

Agile Personal Relationship Choices

There are tons of articles that tell you how to spend your money, or predict your financial future with offerings of decision trees or unique methodologies, but very little to tackle the emotional drama-trauma that comes with intimate relationships?

So outside of theState of Beingcomponent (see presentation under education menu) to judge at what level of engagement the person opposite is in, I would like to offer one other simple structure.

You have all heard the  "What does it mean to you.

Project Manage Your Life

I meet a lot of Agile and Project Management professionals, but rarely do they think to take their business management expertise and apply it to their own life.

People seem to just be flotsom (material or refuse floating on water). Wherever the wave or current takes them they deal with it as if they have no control.

No one thinks. The day is filled with noise and demands from outside. They keep "background noise" going on all the time so they don't have to examine their own thoughts?