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Human/Computer Interface Psychology is confusing and complicates virtual relationships and meeting online. So What is Reality?Virtual Relationships whether customer/supplier, teacher/student, business or interpersonal are being colored by the engagement levels of the human psyche.

Most of today's communication is integrated with some sort of computer mediated gadget and software. The insights for understanding how to integrate technology into functional society hasn't been done or is completely ignored.
We are flying blind at hyper-speed and hoping a "best practice" will work itself out.
People's perception of this unstoppable technological train range from hatred to deifying technologies. They can't seem to see online culture as being integrate-able into real life society.
Yet we continue to put effort only on one side of the equation, moving forward with technology and absolutely NO EFFORT into societal interface transition. We are undermining society and building with no foundation; cutting off limbs of the biological as if they have no value. 
So what IS reality? How do we merge technology transitions with our human society and cultures? Whether it is gaming, business, education or interpersonal there are 3 perceptional components that need to be targeted.
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Human/Computer Interface Psychology-The Roadside Philosopher's company intro for the website
Leading human/computer interface psychology consulting company for business and academia, assisting with social media and the mental acceptance/rejection of technology. 
One brilliant person described it as Mental Ergonomics for Technology.
Company Statement of Purpose
Virtual Handhold, LLC is the company that works to orient and reset minds for transition, making technology a comfortable interface that is usable by gently orienting; understanding multiple perceptions and asking the right questions to bring home the use & remove the fear for education, business and interpersonal virtual relationships.
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