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Pamala Clift - Researcher, Educator, Author,
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Pamala Clift's biological avatar in Zion's Park, Utah not meeting online..hehe Is this just an avatar perception? What is Reality?(an autodidactic observer of psychology and anthropological interactions)
Since the Timex 2k Pam has engaged with the evolution of computers and the internet. 

The last eight years she has actively done internet consulting and research on virtual relationships & avatar perceptions. Pam works consulting, lecturing and teaching about how computer-mediated communication evokes trustworthiness or lack thereof. Her philosophical stance helps her understand the complexities added to real life perceptions with these additional computer-mediated filters.
Pamala Clift has risen as the expert in interpersonal interactions on the web, which is expanding her philosophical presentations about our perception of reality. She has written a book with great reviews  "Virgin's Handbook on Virtual Relationships" to help with what is real in this new digital environment.
A BS degree in Business Mgt, a Certified Scrum Product Owner and a former professional clown, she brings with her a lifetime of eclectic experiences from which she draws her favorite title... "Philosopher".
Pam's lectures have been peer reviewed by hundreds of educators, psychologists, business professionals and social media experts with great input and acknowledgements. (Please contact her directly [email protected] to book one of her entertaining presentations for your event or company)
The Roadside Philosopher's meet once every fortnight in the Think Tank to discuss a philosophical topic. This week it was Avatar Perceptions, What is Reality?She did not learn all of her insights from just her own experiences but with the influx and open sharing of thoughts and perceptions from her group The Roadside Philosophers. A wonderful international group of several hundred thinkers that examine perceptions virtually.
In all of philosophical history this is the first time that we have had virtual worlds to use as a metaphor in our search for truth.
Pamala Clift being recognized by Stanford's Who's Who. Educational Research & Scrum Product Owner
I am often asked why I go by Pamala Clift online, pen name, & for my research and there are several reasons.

1. No one would be able to find me if I went under Pat Murphy in a search. Almost all the top search results WILL find me as Pamala Clift. (Pamala with all A's)

2. It is a good idea for everyone to have an alias online, one that you can tell your friends and keep as much personal data as possible off the web.

3. While growing up a lot of people would mistakenly call me Pam.

4. Since I have written about, and assist with topics that are sexual in nature, for many in my little town, or ethically believe sex should never be discussed: I would rather not put my real life name out there to make them uncomfortable.

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Rockcliffe University- where I lecture in Second Life
The State of Being Lecture- First Tuesday of Every Month

Priestess of the Universe
(for virtual relationship marriages)
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