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Pamala Clift The Roadside Philosopher  has been teaching and facilitating life online for 5 years with her beloved group of international thinkers., The Roadside Philosophers 
When the time came to ask for assistance for this project most chipped in with support both with encouragement and monetary contributions. 
We all wish to see life online become a functional medium. We understand that the perceptions of infidelity online, gaming relationships and all long distance relationships are confusing. It is all our hope that this will be a beginning for understanding the complexities and make interactions such as working, learning & dating online functional.
My Beloved Supporters & Contributors are listed below! 
(over 100)
The Approved Cover
This is the Approved Cover Design for the Virgin's Handbook on Virtual Relationships. A guide to avatar perceptions, meeting online and what is reality?
Kickstarter US$ Supporters
(names are as listed) 24
Barbara Collazo
Earl Kiech
Frank Hannah
George Gosieski
Joan Combs Durso 
Julia Murphy 
Kevin Feenan
Michele Rubatino
Mr. Bombastic 
Randolph Rang
Random Mortal 
Salvatore Otoro
Selby Evans 
Skip Walton
Tyler Greggan 
My Second Life Linden $ Supporters
(Both emotional, intellectual & monetary support) 79
Alfa Roux
annamaria Ansar
Arisia Vita
Arletta Martean 
Arletta Martian 
Astarte4U Belavidorico 
Audi Kristan
Bavin Raffles
Betty Page
Betz Darwinian
Binkie Baily
Blood Ghost
Bri Karas
Calixto Siamendes
Candxe Alderton
Canipanic Maslow
Citlalmina Seranno
Coco Sands
Courageous Chrome
Coral Gausman
Danomarro Redyard
Dougie Boxen
Dreamy Barbosay
Duranu Razorfen
Earthy Ling 
Elentir Korhomen 
Eliza Madrigal
Elizabeth Spieler
Elvera Lerner
Emilia Express
Fa'-Le Yan 
Felicity Blumenthal
Frederick Hansome
Garrett Cobarr 
Gemma Luv
Gilles kuhn
Golden Greymoon
Hanna Godric
Herman Bergson
Honey Drascol
JakeJr Chaffe
Keelia Jameson
Keesha Lenroy
Kiesta Aljon
Kimm Paulino
Kos Hallard
Linda Sautoreau
Liny Kondor
Lyle Lindman
Merit Coba
MichaelZ Market
Naku Nishi 
Naughty Later
Panner McDonnell 
Parrish Ruby
Patrio Graysmark
Peoney Feld
Praxi Field
pyrate Sittingbull
Rogan Diesel
Rosi Nirvana
Science Circle
Screamer Silverfall
Scythe Elfenbeim
Sergeiana Yatsenko SirShadowHeart
Sophia Yates
Starheart McMasters
Stefan Buscaylet
Steveo Rhiano
sugarshae Wasp
talleke Levee
Thaddeus Sautereau 
TR Amat
Whispr Xue
Willy Heartsdale
Yossel Beerbaum 
And untold others that I do not have their names on my transaction accounts, but have shared with me their thoughts and insights.
My love and hugs to you all!
Thank You!!