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Virtual Handhold, LLC -  Human/Computer Interface Psychology

Certify your Competence in Human/Computer Interface Psychology

It has become apparent that psychologists, psychiatrists, clergy, counselors, and  social workers are being bombarded with problems involving the levels of engagement between patients and their technological interactions.

Often times patients are laughed at and ridiculed by well-meaning mental health helpers as they try to deal with the patient's online belief system, which distances their patients and terminates their effectiveness.

Understanding the reality and validation of online interactions and how to approach the perceptions is essential for dealing with online pain.

Virtual Handhold's Human/Computer Interface Psychology Certification gives patient's confidence that their concerns will be handled rationally.

Having studied online engagements since 1984 and immersed into conflict resolution for online immersion this certification was recognized as needed.

The company is now organizing counselors, psychologists and social workers that have had first hand experience as the curriculum is being documented.

Estimated course will be 3 months part-time online, via multiple different online social engagements and Skype one- on-one tutorial and interviewing. (Estimated cost $450)

We plan on compiling different perspectives and offer multiple  avenues for dealing with computer addiction, online relationships and effective technological interactions to aid in mental grounding, and wholeness in this new technological age.

If you are a mental health professional and wish to become part of our team and course design, please contact  

If you are interested in getting this certification to add to your practice please email to get on our waiting list.

Anticipated start of classes will be September 2014.
This should be an excellent time and an awakening for all.

Here is a link to my first attempt at the Virtual Reflection Lecture May 2014 at UMass Lowell Inn & Conference Center in Boston.