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The Philosophical Trilogy Novels of the Multi Universal Experience of Reality. (In process)
Hiccup Chronicles
Book 1
"Wave it All Away"
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March 2014- Sorry it has been so long for an update. The trilogy has been on the back burner as I moved across the continent. I am starting again to focus on my writing and just entered the AmtrakResidency program for hopefully a chance to laser focus for a time. My writers block has been the development of the super sociopath that takes over. They are complex characters with rational, however strange, that needs supporting and wound into all the interactions carefully. Wish me luck and thanks for your support and well wishes.

12/26/2013 Ok here it is!! The fun super truncated cartoon rendition of the Hiccup Chronicles. A 10 min story that you have to watch all the way through. Shows what reality is like from another perspective.
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Hiccup Chronicles
A philosophical cartoon look at "What truly is reality?" A journey through the network of reality, SciFi speculation. For more info on the Project Scifi 2013, please visit, Austr...
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Keeping everyone updated and interested in the construction of the new fictional stories of the workings of reality.

12/11/2012 Current book word count. over 94,189 combined with my first book, need to edit down. Lots of work to do here.

12/19/2013 Well I am waiting on the word if I can put up the YouTube link to the 10 min promo to the book... or if they are considering me for any prizes. (They never do…I am not artistic enough)

12/29/2013 They didn't even look at the video all the way through so never got the story, but everyone who has watched it has beed delighted and entertained. So watch the video to the left for the Hiccup Chronicles truncated. (Go directly to YouTube and maximize screen for better viewing..or better yet, go to Aview TV for their copy.