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Virtual Handhold, LLC -  Human/Computer Interface Psychology
Virtual Handhold, LLC presents
Virgin's Handbook on Virtual Relationships 
by Pamala Clift
Table of Contents
Table of Contents 
Chapter 1--Social Media Confusion?  
    Media Exploits
    The Meaning Behind Social 
    Virtual Pairing    
    Credentials superfluous-Confusion exists everywhere! 
     Online Dating Services-Beware!    
     So how do you handle misrepresentations online?   
Chapter 2--What Society ClaimsCorrect,
           Depends on the Culture      
     Cultural Understanding 
     Respect for different Lifestyles 
Chapter 3--The Fiction ofReality & the
           Reality of Virtual
     Fiction of Reality   
      So Where do we get Drama?    
      Focus on the Horizon.         
      What is Reality?      
      Our Fantasies                    
   What is 'Real' in a Computer -Mediated Social Existence?
      Virtual Weddings 
Chapter 4--Textual Engagement    
      Texting Online    
      Why Men Fall Harder in Virtual    
Example of Role Played Sex Scene in a Gorean Virtual World
Chapter 5--First Paper on Virtual Relationships
Chapter 6--Theories of Interaction-State of Being
             Lecture.. Is it a lie? 
       Disassociative  Perspective  
       Immersive Perspective     
       Augmentative Perspective   
Chapter 7---To Women: What your men would like you to 
Chapter 8--To Men: What you think you know about
             women, but you're wrong ... lol. 
Chapter 9--Online Sex  
       Levels of Cybering       
       The currency of intimate relationships (online or off)  
    Everything else about sex. 
Chapter 10--Conclusions-Surviving the Torrential 
              integration of Real Life and Virtual.        
      Oooh, another little exercise side note.         
      How do I perceive-My communications test? 
      Cannibalistic Hearsay - The Wolfs at Large   
      But what if you wish to bring the relationship to real?
      What crosses over from online to real?          
      Age requirement differences.             
      Break ups      
      How the rest of the world will perceive you. 
      Virtual Handhold Poem  
Virtual Dedications                   
Acronyms with their definition for online text chat.