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Virtual Handhold, LLC -  Human/Computer Interface Psychology
Testimonials-(should have been putting them on all along.. ugh!)

howardlotsof June 2015
thank you so much, amazing class. my brain is on fire. neurons flying

Vasantasena Lamatia Nov. 2014
Thank you...again u kinda reaffirm why I am here and validate it....or at least give me a clear view on it...respect to you....thank you again :o)

 Kira Spaatz April 2013
Hi Pam, I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your lecture last night on the States of Being. It totally opened my eyes to better understanding people I have met here in SL and will be meeting yet. It all totally made sense what you explained and I had a few "aha!" moments last night too lol. So thanks again Pam!

Kentajist Serentity April 2013
“I wonder what my reaction would have been to hear your presentation even one month before I did? It was kind of a shock even so!