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Virgin's Handbook on Virtual Relationships
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Love Online, Virtual Relationships, Pamala Clift, Virgin's Handbook on Virtual RelationshipsThe goal of this book:
by Pamala Clift
 (The Roadside Philosopher)
Published Date April /May 2012
Re-edited by an external editor May 2013

Love online is a taboo. Whether in Second Life, IMVU, WOW, gaming, email, cell phone texting,  blogs etc. It is engaged in, enjoyed & mourned by millions in silence. 
So the book is to de-stigmatize the virtual communication that has now become a part of our modern technological society. Locating the value and usefulness of our virtual connections, along with the proper level of skepticism which will allow this medium to function for all that seek to connect.

I so hope this helps! Hugs..Pam
I wish to thank all the supporters. From the $1 Linden donations to the $500 US dollar contributions, each was an honor to receive. I take this charge very seriously, that so many have contributed to this work with their views, experiences, money and tears.

People sharing what has worked and what has not. 

It has given me hope that we indeed, with work, can accept people's differences and make a better Real LIfe with our new virtual handhold!
Pamala Clift, The Roadside Philosopher is the avatar persona in multiple virtual and social online environments. The CEO of Virtual Handhold, LLC
Updates: 11/5/2011 I have recorded the cover text, preface, & Author into sound cloud if you would like to listen.Click below...
8/7/12 The sound studio is built and I have started recording and have sent a sample to Audible to validate if the quality is satisfactory and when I hear what modifications I must make or if what I have done is satisfactory.. I will move forward.
_____And starting a new novella book idea.. Commuting hour Audible books.. with 3 endings. You choose which one you wish to believe. But if you wish to know my selection.. you need to get the next hour..hehe A Perils of Pauline spin for our modern day._
This series has now got a name. The Hiccup Chronicles

Where to buy the book?
In all Amazon countries plus!
Formatted at 5.25" x 8" size and comes out to be 242 pages. 

Amazon paperback in the US - (sometimes goes on sale for $10.76 instead of $14.95)
Right now Barnes & Noble has it on sale for $13.47
Kindleversions in English 
Any & All other Countries International Sales go through _My Store with Publisher
With computer mediated communications being involved in at least 70% of today's newly formed interpersonal relationships, how do we sift the perceptions presented into something that is usable. How can you separate the components that are valid from those that are pure fiction?

June 2014- Sorry have been distracted with sustaining life, moving and starting anew. The book is still selling, slow, but still out there. I have renewed my Kindle library availability for those who have Amazon Prime... Looking into another type of promotion. Hugs.

Oct 2013 - Last month had a two day FREE kindle book promotional, and just under 200 books went out. I got only one review on Amazon out of it, but it was positive. I need help getting this information out to teachers & students and all those that are trying to figure out why digital has such a massive impact on our psyche.

 Aug 2013- The updated more-grammatically correct version is up and should now be available through all venues.
The audible version has been recorded, but still not optimized and uploaded to Audible.

Status: May 25, 2013 The professional editing has been done for those Grammar Nazi's (smile) and I am transferring the changes to the book's template. Hope to get this completed and uploaded again so the paperback book will be available soon....I hope.

STATUS 10/17/2012: Had the 2 day promotional FREE book sale on Kindle where 207 books went out. I have recorded and edited (1st level) of Chpts. 1,2,3,7,8 so almost 1/2 through with the Audible version. However, they have never gotten back to me about the file I sent them to see if it was acceptable.
9/3/12 Created promotional videos, set up a gig with Chapters 7 & 8. Still recording and editing the audible version.
Wish to get IBOOK done in a more comic book form with audio files, so have upgraded my operating system on my mac laptop and figuring out the software for IAuthor.
Now I have to fill in all the author pages and move on to the next venue.
The Kickstarter Project has Completed and raised the $2022 needed for publishing.
 Update.. 11/5/2011
I have recorded the cover text, preface, & Author into sound cloud if you would like to listen.
Click below...