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Virtual Handhold Poem
(about the perceptions in one virtual world Second Life)
A cartoon world of fun and facades
Some in for games or to role play as Gods,
A place to whine, sing, & escape real life,
Explore creativity, marvel at strife.
With Second Life the problems continue,
Burrowing quicker & deeper… consuming within you.
How do you sort why feelings run rampant?
Why just a few typed words can cover the gamut.
The world spins… and many fall away
As their conceptions of what’s real are blown, as if hay
Where is the value from such confusion,
The ups and downs of these shifting illusions.
It’s when one soul from across the digital divide,
Unique and unfailing shares & does not hide
Then understanding and perspectives are broaden by far
And your soul is infiltrated, you’re greater than par.
You open and merge…& at the same time,
Cultures, beliefs & histories now chime
You are part of something bigger than your limited view
The colors of life have added more hue.
Now we can bring something great out of this
An empathetic forbearing of all life and it’s twists.
Maybe a greater Real, if I may be so bold.
As we all link together in a virtual handhold.