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Reality Reply
Absolutes are Wrong,..
Define Education?
Trump Grandparent Expectorate Disease
The Game of Plausible Deniability


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Reality Reply

I watched a wonderful presentation between a physicist and a Buddhist over reality. I enjoy these discussions but HATE not being able to contribute or question. So I will use my blog to enter my contributions.

First the physicists made a wonderful observation that we see reality in layers and those layers do not separate those observations of existence but nest. They all have truth. The chair is composed of atoms and wood. It is a part of a stage design currently, part of the auditorium’s inventory etc.

Absolutes are Wrong,..

There is division in the world. 

Your side/my side statements of facts that are absolutes. But are our facts absolutes? Does the division really have to divide us?

I have my guilty pleasures. One of them is occasionally binge watching on Netflix when I find a good show. My latest has been Madam Secretary.(Good show by the way, if not a little bit Cinderella in its ability to get to resolutions within the time frame.)

The thing that grabbed me is Madam Secretary wants "rainbows and unicorns for everyone", but is not shy about being strong and saying no to people, but the clincher was that her husband is a religious ethics professor.

Define Education?

I remember when I was young how totally excited I was to start another year of school! The smell of new paper, pens, pencils and the constant questions to answer!

There is no more of that. Education is in the DARK! No more pondering or questions. You now are only allowed to regurgitate. Sit there and repeat back what someone told you was fact. Then you are patted on your head and told you're a good person. Repeat back facts the very facts that in 20 years won't be facts. Repeat them on tests, in writing assignments and say them again.

Trump Grandparent Expectorate Disease

You know how it is with new grandparents? 

"Oh, Look how cute he is!", "Isn't that adorable when he drools like that?", "Oh he ate his peas for the first time today."... on and on they go about every fart, movement, or owie.

Everyone can only take so much of listening to every success, failure or boo boo the new baby has just done. We all try to find something else to do, or appointment we suddenly need to attend to get away from another rendition of bodily activities of their new arrival.

The Game of Plausible Deniability

It saddens me when it takes sooo much work to help people understand and see "The forest for the trees."

This is a critical skill, especially in today's political roller coaster with perceptional "fake news".

You have all heard me say my one phrase of wisdom I have learned in my life."We do not Live for Reality; We live for our fantasies....Enjoy Yours!"

I am about to lay out some words that hopefully will not offend on a topic that perfectly displays the title of this blog.

Zombie Apocalypse Escape?

Facebook, at times, has been enlightening, although dismally so... 

Someone showed a video which was an experiment. He went walking around getting signatures to help Hillary banish the Bill of Rights!

People willingly giving up their freedoms and identity as a human and becoming just a cog of the elitism system... It blew me away.

We are brain dead zombies these days believing in "staying in the box". Zombies looking for entertainment and satiation, not introspection or contemplation.

The Story Motivates! 2016?

I may be a little redundant here but like I always say, "We do not live for reality; we live for our fantasies!"

We make up stories to give our lives meaning. Once we have a story it doesn't even matter if it comes true. It becomes who we wish to be.

Here is a picture of Coral Gardens in Homestead, Florida. A man spent his life carving out of the land below him the coral rock in which he crafted a small house, table, clock, and a myriad of very crafty things for the woman he felt would return to him.

Can't Answer a Question Not Asked!

Education has taken all the fun out of learning.

I personally don't think I have left the four year old stage of asking Why? How Come? and What if? I love questions.

But education thinks that they should give you the questions and you are supposed to regurgitate the answers for them on a test and WAA LAA... You have now been educated.

Nothing is retained.  Nothing is learned.  But some one, somewhere now has a metric in which they feel is valid that you now know something. Wrong!

Having a question that you get answered has a wonderful endorphin effect on anyone.

"No" is not Bad.

Interesting watching this generation in America, they have never learned to say "NO" or even to hear it.

"No" is a word that is avoided today. You must say things nicely. Beg for your way so that eventually all will come about with a win/win for everyone.

My friend has started teaching again in a school where "No" has never been said. Adults have no power, no authority, no experience, no respect.

"I will tell my Mom." is paraded out in front as parents come running to their child's defense at every perceived inconvenience.

No Time to Think!

We are modern. We have LOTS to do. We need to time-manage every moment. There are only so many minutes in a day. The river of life doesn't slow down for anyone.

These are the precepts of our life these days. No introspection, no free time (unless it is scheduled and then few know what to do with it).

If I wanted to make people sheep this is exactly what I would do.  Make them rush around after false goals. Tell them they are not successful unless every second is managed. Make their so called off times filled with entertainment, music, noise.

Facade or Reality?

Glamor Shots use to be a big deal. Get yourself all fixed up, hair teased, sprayed and dressed up and take a picture.
We would look at ourselves and not recognize us. Who is that person in the mirror?

So 45 minutes of drawing on our face, covering our spots, making our eyes bigger, lashes longer, minimizing wrinkles ... and THAT is reality for most women.

We can't seem to go out in public without "putting on our face" Why is that considered Real? Why is that considered right?

Does it mean that we do NOT want reality; we want a story?

Drone Thrills & Privacy Issues?

I got my order from Discovery magazine about Drones 360 and I was excited. 

How fun to be able to fly visually over anything you wanted, gain new perspective and learn how to fly and run a drone! Wouldn't everyone be jealous and want a chance to run it?

I saw so many uses for them, farming, photography, security, news reports, catastrophes, search and rescue... my mind was reeling. My Geek was showing.

Then I started seeing the vicious attacks on drones. Shooting sprees, hate mail to those that would use them and especially the American government and I had to step back.

Old...or the alternative?

Youth rule! That is what today's western culture wish us to believe. The old should do as Scrooge says, die and decrease the surplus population. 

That would cure so many of societal ills, if all the old and infirmed would not put such a heavy burden on the rest with Social Security, pensions, and medical needs.

Those near retirement are being fired early and no one wants to hire an elderly person, even if they don't SAY that. They figure you will point out the things they do wrong and they want to be boss.

When Preparedness Meets Opportunity- Instant Success

You often hear the phrase. He/She was an instant success! 

That means they were suddenly brought out of obscurity into the public eye for their expertise.

Did they just develop that expertise overnight? The public eye may have become instantly aware, but the expertise was developed over years and many trial & error struggles.

The railway couldn't have sent their first train to the west, until many things happened: the idea had to be conceptualized, the land surveyed, purchased, people hired and years of effort made to lay tracks.

To Copy is to Lose! Be Unique...

When you imitate another you will always lose. You can never be the same as the original. So the best you can hope for is second place.

We often compare ourselves to others. I am not as strong as he is; or I don't have her beautiful hair. This list goes on and on with things we are not as good as someone else. 

But no matter who you compare yourself to, one thing is certain... they will come in second if they try to be you.

You are unique. A huge component of strengths and weaknesses that spin a composite that no one can rightly imitate.

Solidify Reality with Where You Focus!

One of the hobbies I enjoy is reading books on Quantum Physics. So many unknowns speculated upon and extrapolations made. You can't help think that philosophy is not dead...just renamedscientific hypotheses. :-)

The illustrious double slit experiment is spun in so many different ways and used to validate new ideas almost daily. 

So to again try and explain the outcome of a complex experiment with a truncated definition; "Waves and particles only solidify into reality upon observation!

The Honeymoon of a New Relationship.

When a new connection is made life is a whirlwind. Trying to make your significant other happy. Hoping that as they get to know you they don't hit an impossible roadblock. (Nope, I can't be with someone that clips their toenails in bed...type thing)

It is as stressful as it is exciting. Will the rough edges of the two of you eventually interlock? Can he/she be everything they are portraying? Are they lying? Playing you? Are they just a leech and will run out on you when you can not provide any more stuff?

April Fools...?

We are strange in our approach to our existence.

NO ONE likes to be the fool. No one enjoys being the brunt of a practical joke, but yet we hail the jester that can pull it off?

It is fun to see someone else fall, get scared or embarrassed. Why is that?

The internet holds an extra layer of anonymity that makes it even easier to set someone else up for an untruth. We can create multiple personalities, stories, and attacks and feel it is not is just a joke. 

Trolls & griefers have separated themselves in their mind from their actions, because "It was all for a laugh.

The Vacuum of a Break-up

What people are totally unprepared for when a breakup occurs is the vacuum.

Now a spot that has always been filled is gone? That hollow feeling, which repeatedly screams something-is-missing eats away at any resolve that constituted the breakup originally.

Vacuums are uncomfortable. Change is uncomfortable. Being a free ion probably is uncomfortable. Whenever there is a need to break, whether it be with a career choice, a significant other, a geographical location that is loved, anything that we considered ours and part of our identity .

OMG...or not! (When Bad Things Happen)

Bad things happen.

You have a disappointment or a biological snafoo and your first and only thought jumps to your worst fear. 

You are now using the little amount of positive energy you have toward, What? You are focusing your plot/story toward destruction.

Many of us read novels, biographies and movies, which as a requirement of interest, there is a major hiccup that has to be overcome. If there isn't such a catastrophe there is no reason to read the book, watch the movie or even have bothered with the story, right?