We do not live for Reality --
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We do not live for Reality --

Above the clouds flying to Seattle wondering what is Reality? Is it just what I see? thru a window or thru a monitor screen?We live for our fantasies!
As a philosopher there is one common thread everything seems to come back to... "What is Reality?"
Reality for the Fox is certainly different than the reality for the chicken. The meeting of these two would have totally different perceptions of Right & Wrong.
The degrees in perceptional differences are almost the same with male & females.
We have our head up in the clouds.. thinking OUR perception indeed has to be the correct one.
It is,... but only for you!
If we want to make headway in understanding, we need to be able to see and acknowledge perceptions far different from our own and truly be able to see them as valid.
Women know they are right, but men blindly make the same assumption. (smile) Men have their feet planted squarely on the ground in the 'here & now' and women look afar for what this will mean in the future... so what is wrong in that? Two eyes, different perspectives makes a grand couple. Why does there have to be a wrong or a right. Is blue better than red?
But the drama that exists because "He lied.", or "She read more into what I said, than I said" type comments abound.
Our perspective of things is "our plot". The story we tell ourself in our mind is happening.  
It is devastating to your self image and perception when you are force-fed information that is totally opposed to your assumptions. Your plot is destroyed. Now how much pain are you going to afflict on yourself and others before you take ownership of your misperception and create for yourself a new "plot".
So how do you start to try and understand?.. that is the question.
It is with this question that I constantly struggle as I try to assist those hurt by misperceptions from the other party... either because they over looked the facts presented or were intentionally misled.
How have you been enlightened by a totally opposite view? What brings about the epiphany of realization?
Please tell me your story.. of when you suddenly understood.

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Dave Mason ( SL : SearbyM) on Saturday, June 18, 2011 6:57 AM
You called for epiphanies . . . . http://www.praxispath.co.uk/2-witness/prax0.htm
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Pamala Clift on Tuesday, September 13, 2011 9:11 AM
It was so great to read your epiphanies and to meet you in virtual worlds and see your vision with your island. It saddens me that your venture has faded. I rejoice that you got to share what is you with many and will always hold that added perception of you as a part of me and my understanding. Thank you for your comments and contribution to my understanding.

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