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Text - Verbal Parlays...

Avatars drawn to a proposal animation- lonve online and avatar perceptions, so what is reality? is it just a gaming relationships or a true meeting online?There is something that gets exchanged when you do live text chatting that is unique and sometimes more potent than face-to-face encounters.

Text chat strips away the non-verbal component that we rely on so heavily for validation, but it also strips away the preconceived prejudices and lets our mind focus on the topic at hand. I think it is THAT focus that brings text sharply and fully to occupy our mind. 

With live text chat you are in the HERE & NOW. You watch and anticipate the person's little-pencil-moving response with intensity. You have said what you desired & are forced to wait for a response before continuing. 

What we do so often in verbal dialog is just let your mind run on ahead while the other is talking to you. With TEXT you have to wait. The waiting brings focus.

If you are so lucky, as I was the other day, to meet a very brilliant famous gentleman  for a simple scheduling of a meeting and have it turn into a unique memorable event, beware! The dialog can be such a surprise and a delight that you  re-read the conversation several times (each time with a smile).... that is the magic of good narrative. 

Spelling is not that great of importance. Acronyms are acceptable. Timing is always crucial. Clever repartee speaks volumes about the person on the other end of the keyboard connection.  However....

As a virtual relationship counselor, I have to put in a strong word of caution...Such can be overwhelming.  Many have been lost with good verbal parlays. They take what is said as truth and not as a narrative.

When I first came into the virtual world I ran into a excellent verbal dancer. He could paint pixels in the mind to make you yearn to bring things to real. But to him it was all a game. 

You must take the words "IN & Of" themselves ..as the entertainment! The ONLY thing that should creep the dialog into the possibility of reality is time. Totally sucks, I know, but time is the trial by fire in the words.

I actually feel more comfortable when I am with someone more awkward with their words. If they struggle to type, they spend less energy spinning falsehoods. If they are fluid and quick witted.. well then I must look at the dialog as entertainment only. Thankfully if you look on the interaction just that way, you are not only safe, but can relax enough to enjoy the encounters. 

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