Is Education Sell-able in it's current form?
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Is Education Sell-able in it's current form?

Washington State University Campus photo Is Real Life education truly experiential learning?So we have an exorbitant cost associated with buildings, marketing, personnel to keep Universities up and running soooo we can pay for administrators and marketing so we can get more students in to pay higher prices so the University can confirm that they might have learned something.

So what, if what they learned ..they learned from books, the internet, their own research, listening, and doing.... 

We needed a teacher to ASSIGN that stuff before they can learn it?

Ok, lets back up here... The student is ultimately responsible for learning what is needed. The instructor assigns reading, and exercises for the student to do research. 

Does that mean it is NOT valid if I read and do exercises I find on the internet and learn something because someone else has not assigned it?

So this is what I am saying. Since the student has multiple avenues to learn information now. One does not have to sit on a hard seat in a crowded classroom to listen to a boring professor tell us of his summer vacation before he gives us the 10 min next assignment.

It seems the value of the higher education institution is in only one thing.... Validating that you know what you know.

So lets get rid of everything but the two components.. ok we can add a third.
 1. A list of all the things you need to know and be competent for different fields.
 2. A mentor that might point you in the direction and flow of your research as you discover and do activities that will make you more knowledgeable. Watch videos, do tutorials online, talk with your mentor about your questions.
3. And then validating that you know what you know... HOWEVER you acquired it. 

This is the ultimate use of an Institution of higher learning. Putting a stamp of approval on those that do know something.

But instead it has turned out that the only thing that is available is.. did you PAY and exorbitant amount of money and endure the totally antiquated slow almost non-usable dribble for four plus years.

When you could have learned six times faster on the job....but if you did that you don't have that piece of paper which allows HR people to narrow the candidate pool of applicants quickly so they don't have to think.

At least the first half of this video below gives you something to think about. Maybe a little hype there but it has some valid points.
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College Conspiracy
College education is the largest scam in U.S. history!

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