Being Comfortable about what you don't know!
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Being Comfortable about what you don't know!

learning to work in Daz 3D, so are cartoons generated in other programs more real. What is Reality?
Working in 3D- So many tools, so little time....

With Second Life and other 3d worlds moving to the more complex and elaborate mesh graphics I felt it was about time that I learned a bit more of the lingo and try to develop some expertise. about the level of complexity with animations and file structures. Even if you buy an article getting it into the program you wish, even to try to fiddle with it is a monumental time allocation project.

There is Maya and Carrara, Daz3d, Blender and a number of special things that deal ONLY with text or lighting. Working flat out with any one of these tools takes you weeks just to go through all the menus, let alone to understand what is available and develop an expertise.

But with videos and internet access you can make a huge dent in... well.. sigh.. knowing what you don't know. 

This is an amazing transition from the days when you had to have 3 years worth of keyboarding before you could get certified as a typist. 

Now with all the software and tools out there.. just picking one and working through some of the kinks puts you miles ahead of others, because no one has time to even know what is available out there let alone crack into it.

I finally got a gal dressed and posed, loaded a background image and got the truck model working with a decent angle for a shot.. hit render. Woot.. I have a pic... Just think I only need a plot and 7000 more angles and images to make a pretty poor animation. My lighting is wrong and to do the project I have in mind would be a min. of two year project if I KNEW what I was doing.

We have now gotten to a level of complexity that is outside a normal life span.. in my humble opinion.  It use to be you got 100 geeks in the same room and we all knew what the others knew and there was the elation of commonality. We were a team of self declared elitist.

Now you can get 5000 to 10,000 geeks in the same place and none will know everything the other one knows. We are either at each others throat trying to prove what we know or totally enthralled by the different ways people are using what we thought we were experts in.

Being comfortable about what you don't know is going to have to be the best practice.


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