Can Face to Face be less?
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Can Face to Face be less?

Perceptions of reality, biological avatar vs pixelated avatar, what is reality? and your avatar perceptions?Face to Face is touted as the ultimate in human interaction.

I am questioning that?

Face to Face has important non-verbals cues, BUT...

It also has immediate blockers that dismiss people as not part of YOUR preferred tribe. Instantly we discount their thoughts and ideas for a zillion different reasons. Communication has ended.

Just because of the visual cues we slide the person into a slot as invalid. That slot can be because we have never interacted with someone like them before or had a previous interaction with a group that we have already compartmentalized.

The negatives can be when handicaps are noticed, race, blemishes, dress, stance,.. and "OMG, she is wearing the wrong color fashion conflicts."; or he is heavy or wears glasses. He is not my skin color or has long hair, too young or too old, too short or too tall.

Why are we so superficial that we dismiss valuable human beings on a visual perception.

This is what a virtual world gets past.. We now only see what the person wishes us to see. The components that they value in themselves. We are not dismissing them on the fact that they are missing a leg or some other devaluing component. We must now listen and take their thoughts in, until at least something else hits a cord where we feel justified in throwing them into our File 13 slot.

I have discovered that people that rub me the wrong way on first contact usually teach me the most. A whole new paradigm of a valuable perspective is about to be given me.

What I have learned from my facilitation method in group brainstorming is that most of the time the introverts.. (the ones that rarely contribute but spend most of their time thinking) have far more valuable thoughts than the extroverts that blurt out words first and think second.

I actually find value behind the anonymity a virtual world offers. It does not force me to play a role that my age, gender, physical makeup, position or economic status has defined for me.

Isn't this pure thought? Freedom of expression at its highest?

Well unless of course your are a disassociative, *smile*. Then they are communicating purely for fun, which by itself might also be an intriguing view. (see State of Being lecture in my Education tab for further info).


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