No Fence Sitting about Virtual- It is Absolutely.. ???
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No Fence Sitting about Virtual- It is Absolutely.. ???

Pamala fence sitting in virtual worlds, contemplating as always- What is Reality?
Today's political environment is less clear than it use to be. 

Seems everyone is saying the same thing and trying to point fingers, but can'f find the traditional fence to point over because everything is muddled.

I have long been of the philosophy that says "moderation in all things".  

But Virtual worlds instantly seems to draw an emotional line in people's mind..It is REAL/No it is NOT Real.

Or those that can't figure out their own mind.  "It is NOT Real... but it is cheating if you are seeing someone in that not real environment." 

Ok, make up your mind... it is real enough to sin in, but not real enough to count as a real life venue?

I did a lecture tonight from Washington State to Florida for 120 students. They kept asking questions like, "Well shouldn't people be out in real instead of in front of a computer?"  

"Shouldn't you be out in real instead of in a classroom?" Just a different confine for different tasks, which all pertain to real because YOU are doing it.

It depends what you want to do. If you want to build a house you get a hammer & nails, boards and build. If you want to talk to the world globally you use a tool that will do that? Why is it any less real?

But you pretend in virtual worlds!....and you don't in real?

Would love to be a fly on the wall of the classroom turmoil that was erupting at the end of my lecture. My heart went out to the professor. 

I think I am seeing a commonality, however, in the definition of real. If your Paid for it in real money.. then it is real. My family thinks I am crazy for the time I work in virtual, but when I mention what I am paid... Well now..Now they accept it as real.

I have been listening to Ray Kurzwell's "Singularity" where he believes we will all be living in an augmented world with virtual reality integrating our lives. 

I had a question in our last philosophy meeting where I showed this video. It is people in Real watching a holographic presentation on a real building. So what part is not real?
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LG Optimus Hyper Facade in Berlin - Long Version
LG Hyper Facade event in Berlin

2 Comments to No Fence Sitting about Virtual- It is Absolutely.. ???:

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James Moore on Monday, October 17, 2011 11:31 PM
Currently, I use the internet to suppliment my real world activities, or I use games as a diversion. The idea of allowing either world to blend with the other is a challenge to me. Since I already have avivid imagination, people in the real world don't always understand where my converstions are coming from. If people in the real world, have a problem understanding fact from fiction, wouldn't it be harder in a virtual world? In a virtual world, it would be nice if a "person" were identifying themselves as roleplaying or not. In structured video games, it is understood what the rules are. Would people in a virtual world agree to rules of engagement? If they agree on rules of engagement, what would be the penalty for not following rules. I guess that you could get kicked out of a "chat room". But, what is to prevent you from walking right back in with another identity? Cultural rules are hard enough to understand in any one region. How will they develop in a virtual world?
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Pamala Clift on Tuesday, October 18, 2011 6:18 AM
Thank you for your comment James. Real Life people are fighting virtual engagement because they don't understand it. However, they seem to celebrate creativity if it is a movie, tv, cartoon, novel or re-enactments. The bad behavior chat room person is displaying disassociative behavior.. meaning they come in only seeing the entertainment part of the interaction.. again rejecting it has any value. They can be a real nuisance. If you label them in your mind at the same value as they are giving you and NOT react to them in anyway they go away. Their entertainment is in your response. People "Do not live for reality, they live for their fantasy" The difficulty is that most do not recognize that. You do and plan things with expectations.. "fantasies" that your actions will bring about the desired response in real, which often times is no where near what really comes about. Our whole construct is think, act and wait for the world to respond. We fantasize. Those with no imagination just do it with less options *wink* Different environments develop different cultures.(read my most recent blog) I am soooo trying to get my book out so it can help with these questions. Hugs.. be assured you are not bad for having an imagination or engaging online for relaxation or social interactions. Just be mindful that you do have some biological things to keep in balance as well.

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