Amazing Cultural Formation Before our Very Eyes!
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Amazing Cultural Formation Before our Very Eyes!

Cultural-Legends, Why are real life fantasies more relevant than pixelated. fantasies? What is Reality?One of the great uses of virtual worlds is the ability to learn a different culture. Some virtual environments allow you to go visit and talk with those in Germany or Brazil and learn the language the way people use it now and in context.

But outside of the direct component is the value of  "Learning HOW"  to understand another culture." 

 A culture is defined by its legends, it's unique art forms, music, architecture, methods of communication and style of living.   

How the culture connects the dots of their perceived reality into a cohesive story is something we all need to learn in this expanding global community. It is a consensus of many people's experiences through out time. It is not something that should be dismissed because it is not the same as your own.   

A culture endeavors to explains what is presented  to the people in their environment. The environment creates the culture.  

The Roman and Greek Gods , Irish and the leprechauns & fairies, Australia's The Dream Time, Hawaii their menehunes, the oriental demons & dragons, every indigenous tribe has dances and stories to explain hunting success/failure, the weather, relationships. 

 All the stories are the joint cultural imagination of trying to make cohesive sense of the incomprehensible randomness that's observed within their environment.  

For some  reason there is great value in these stories and we treasure them because they define our human evolutionary existence. We put them in museums teach them to our young, immortalize them in art and respin tails in song and poems.

Funny,  why we would place so much value upon a fictional construct?  

We are currently bemoaning the lost of the worlds cultures... as communication has brought us nearer to each other..  we are floundering for some ubiquitous common global ground in which to define "US".  

However like what happens most frequently in human existence.... We are missing the wonder of what is occurring in the here and now.   The birth of a virtual culture.  

Not only that... but the rapid shifting of humankind in its ability to adapt its story, while reality is constantly changing with the inclusions and obsolesces of new technology and communicational formats.   

This is an anthropologists dream.. to watch at a phenomenal rate the reformation of global shifts in consciousness. 

Yet we laugh because online communication is not perceived as real? Is anything that motivates the human heart... Real?

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