Sheep vs Visionary
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Sheep vs Visionary

Pamala's tiny black sheep avatar, Now what is my avatar perception?So the Wright brothers were crazy. Steve Jobs was bizarre. The focus of  the world is on what is normal. If you are not like everyone else you are either a wacko or under delusion.

(... oooh.. unless you have money!  Then you can be a Visionary, but that only happens AFTER you have spent years beating your head against tradition to make something happen while everyone laughs, telling you you're a nut case.) 

We sooo have this sheep thing going on! We can ONLY be right if we are in the flock.

Well that looks cool but who else is doing it? Has it already been successful? 

Well for PETE SAKES? if it had already been successful than I wouldn't need to try and convince you of the uniqueness of the idea and you won't be the first. You will be, at best, second.

I have a quote I use constantly to comfort my mind at troubled times. As the world is busy banging my head up against all the brick walls I ponder this.  

It is from Sherlock Holmes Valley of Fear. I have seen it different in different copies of the book so I am going to just paraphrase what I remember of it, the first time I read it.

Watson came to Sherlock after just closing the door behind the detective. He asked, "Why with all the detectives in Scotland Yard, does only ONE detective come to ask for your assistance?"

Sherlock commented on how fondly he thought of the detective by saying. "Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself, but intelligence instantly recognizes genius. He is a very intelligent man."

I get to run into some brilliant people once in awhile, through the serendipitous encounters within virtual worlds. 

Here was one such encounter filmed to communicate wonderful insight that was rejected because it was inside a cartoon world. The ideas, the people were all wonderful.. but it should NOT be in cartoon.. That is not NORMAL... sigh. Creativity is not suppose to coexist with business facts. 

I got to do the intro & write the questions to use for this interview. hehe.. Grady even out did me with the ways he answered them.
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AgileDimensions interviews IBM's Grady Booch
An important conversation between two advocates of virtual worlds, listen in as AgileBill Krebs and Grady Booch discuss Agile systems and software in this enlightening 11 minute conversation. Using re...

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