It is all about Perspective!
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It is all about Perspective!

So my life at the moment is focused on the project of getting the book published.

Strangely they start with the Press Release first? Fine! That is just a few words. How tough can that be, I just finished a whole book?

Well apparently multiple perspectives gives it a whole new challenge. 

The publisher that doesn't know the project produces a yawn, fill-in-the-blank press release. I create something more along the academic side. Still too boring!

Then a brilliant friend ranted at me for 45 min kicking things up a notch from a marketing perspective, which I then had to rewrite from what he pointed out.

Now mind you this is only a short item. Finally a great editor friend corrected it for technical expertise and solved all my blabbering components with shorter more concise sentences.

But now I am getting rewrites from the first friend.. ummm perspective. Who is right? Depends where you sit in the circle.

At some point, I get to make the decision, "This is close enough to my ideal to let it fly." Will it work? Don't know? Do I like it? I am getting there. Will my wildest dreams come true... Probably not.. I do get pretty wild with my dreams. *wink*. So just have courage to hit the button and call it done and watch what hits the fan.

We are our own last point of decision in our own life. It is good to have different inputs, especially when they help you define sharper what you wished anyway, but they will never be the same. Don't try to copy someone else no matter how you may admire them. Let them help you clear the weeds from your path, but don't try to copy theirs.

I try to explain this to others when religious & anti-religious perspectives butt heads. You are welcome to give general directions, but don't SCREAM though the cell phone, "TURN LEFT NOW". That might work from the car your in at the moment, but from where the other person is in their travels, it will take them off the bridge.

It is absolutely amazing hearing a perspective I would have never considered, explained from where they sit. I marvel and simple say, "Yeah,  you know.. your right." 

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Pamala Clift on Wednesday, February 29, 2012 8:28 PM
You are right that there are multiple perspectives not just religious and anti-religious, but those in the middle are usually not as hard headed about their beliefs as the ones on the extreme ends. I was only talking about those who would force-feed their opinions on others. There are a never ending rainbow of different opinions. Those who love to talk and discuss things openly I don't have to moderate. smile
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