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Validation Measures

"Virgin's Handbook on Virtual Relationships" which had a Kickstarter project engaged for the funding of the publication has reached its targeted goal! TY TY!
The philosopher, that is my core being, hates to deal with the realities of the world's valuation method of dollars. However, that is societies currency. Is someone willing to pay money in exchange for what you have to offer.

Yet, is it indeed what our internal  being desires?  If handed a bunch of money, would that be what makes us happy? 

In the book I list the currency of value for relationships, which is Time. Time is limited for all of us. When we spend that currency it is not refundable, can not grow falsely from interest or by robbing people of theirs. It is all we got, a finite resource.

The measuring sticks that we use to grant value to things need to be examined from time to time. Science will say something is an absolute because it is measured and documented, but then the measurement may come into question and the basis for the belief were faulty.. and it turns out that the result has no more value than the measurement.

We have to examine our real life beliefs and measurements as well. What are we investing our real currency of value (time) in? Does it match what we want from our limited existence on this planet? 

People slave away for others for dollars that they spend in taxes or Big Macs or their stamp collection... is that indeed your greatest desire? Does it bring you happiness? Many things mean different things to different people and that is not what I am questioning. Just are the things you are spending your time on.. are they what really make you happy?

Wall Street values money and the power to manipulate for more money..I rarely see anyone doing anything else but worrying if they will get caught fudging on this or that or if the illusion of value will crash tomorrow. A lot of time wasted on a construct that brings little value. 

I was helping people with great ideas, giving my time and creations hoping someone would pull me along in their wake of success, but everyone is struggling and while drowning the first mode is to catch your own breath before helping others. They are forgiven, I learned a lot while "being used" as some would call it.

I value my virtual relationships!! That is my focus. I do not want people to hurt, but have control over how and when they engage their beliefs.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me with this project and for being my contacts and sharing with me your insights.  Maybe someday we will indeed all link together in a virtual handhold.  Hugs!

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