Virtual Valentines Better than AI
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Virtual Valentines Better than AI

Try it you might like it.
You know when I first saw those little animated robots that were pets or had some response to you in an interactive way I was WOW'd. 

I use to watch a tv series that had a rogue electronic guy interrupt the television show and could interact. 

Wouldn't it be fun to have someone who lived in your computer that could talk to you and respond whenever you needed to vent or bounce ideas around. No, I am not talking about Paper Clip cartoon tutorials from old Microsoft days. I am talking about a real AI. 

But you know what would be better than that!  A real person!  Someone with history and experiences to share; which had thoughts and feelings just like a real person. The Ultimate computer companion...a real person.

This is what surprises me in today's market. We think it is all cute and wonderful to have electronic devices talk to us like they think, but devalue the real people who talk and share with us online as worthless? (Granted some of them don't think either. *smile*)

There is a connection that has been made. We can share and interact. That has got to be MORE awesome than a robot dog.  We have got to have a greater attention span than just the trivialities. Trivialities get boring really quick. How long did you play with that electronic pet before the novelty wore off?

If we focus and do not skip by the chance online encounters that spark something inside and reach out via electronic media, are patience, forgiving and listen,we can make our whole planet a virtual valentine as we learn to love and appreciate the diversity that exists.

I just performed another wedding in world, a couple that met 15 years ago in one online environment had again met and united in a totally different online venue... so are now planning to take their unity into the biological avatar's realm. 

I have witnessed that vows are no more valid in real life than in virtual if they are not meant by both parties.The same is also true in reverse. Virtual vows can be just as meaningful and just as valid as the people behind them wish them to be.

Happy Valentines to all my electronic connections that support me or hate me or send me supplies in Dragons of Atlantis.. at least virtual sweets are not fattening..Huga

2 Comments to Virtual Valentines Better than AI:

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Zen Greenway on Monday, February 27, 2012 8:58 AM
I just started exploring Second Life because my Sims 3 game was acting up and I didn't feel like dealing with a lot of technical details. I just wanted to wander around my electronic paradises and dream my little Sim dreams. Second Life is ideal in that respect, but I've discovered that it also feels more meaningful. I can still relax and boggle at the cool environments, but there's a chance I might actually chat with a real person. (I'm a little shy so it will take me awhile to get used to that.) And the fact that the environments are inhabited by real people makes them seem more real even when there's no one around. Pretty neat! Your post made me think about why experiencing virtual worlds in greater and greater detail is more desirable to me than simply walking outside and being in the real world. (Not that I don't do that occasionally.) I think it has to do with minimizing the effects of the unknown. If something bad happens in real life, I can't teleport out or log off and suddenly be safe in my own living room! Your piece helped crystallize these thoughts for me. Incidentally, was the rogue electronic guy Max Headroom?
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Pamala Cllift on Wednesday, February 29, 2012 8:14 PM
Thank you for your comment. It is a wonderful creative solitary environment, it is also just as serendipitous as real life. You can run into anyone in world.. from across the world and it is all edifying. From the griefer that gets his kicks out of heckling you to the sincere explorer that has their own life full of experiences to share. Anything can happen! And your right!!It was Max Headroom.. smile. Virtual worlds are safer for these chance encounters. It is why I would like to see them used for the UN and major hostile negotiations. If Iran wants to argue with Israel.. let them take out their pig guns in a virtual world and fight it out. Wouldn't that be nicer than real life wars. Less consequences more release & negotiations.

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