Connections come to light! Will that be good or bad?
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Connections come to light! Will that be good or bad?

Round 4 of the cover design. Just approved the internal design.. (*fingers crossed* on that decision.) I have been running this new version of the cover by contacts in virtual environments.

What do you think?. First impressions? Would you buy or be interested in a book with this cover?

A lot of great thoughts, a good many of them have been incorporated into this design. Some thoughts are conflicting.. color should be darker, lighter.. Get rid of the little people, get rid of the center picture... move the line.. etc etc. All good and thoughtful.. but.. decisions have to be made. All of which probably don't really mean much in the whole scheme of things... however.....

This book is broaching a human connection that has been hidden and not discussed, mostly because of the horrific reactions from those that believe only Real Biological Avatars have value. So if virtual relationships come out of the closet so to speak.. umm.. sigh.. I will be center stage on the firing line. .....!

But I am not the only one that will be exposed, many that have pooh poohed there online time as nothing.... will now be under question and more scrutiny. "Hey, what are you really doing online?"  "How close are you and that gal you say is just a friend?" There could be some huge conflicts erupt by those who have disguised their feelings. I am already contemplating and questioning if the good will out weigh the bad?

But then in public as I respond to the clerk who is adjusting my glasses as to what I do... conversations stop.... questions start coming from people in the waiting room.... experiences of pain, joy and confusion are shared on the spot. Something so very very intense which has had to be squished and swallowed has now been opened.  Can we talk about it?

There are cultures that don't have a word for some emotions such as jealousy. Does that mean that jealousy is not in that culture? Probably not, more along the line of that culture refusing to acknowledge that experience as valid. That is where we are now with online interactions. Our culture is confused so it must be bad, don't talk about it.

The book I feel maybe a bit of a Pandora's box. As much as I want it to be the jumping off point to solid worthwhile connections worldwide with understanding, love and acceptance of diversity,... it could also be, for a time, the beginning of war.

We will be having a Roadside Philosopher's discussion on this very concern Tomorrow Feb. 18th at 8am in the virtual world of Second Life. Feel free to join us, or respond to this blog.

Would your life be better if virtual relationships were acknowledged?
Also, please express your own comments on the cover design. 

Thank you all my virtual readers, philosophers and all of you that might have casually dropped by, for touching my soul and letting me be a part of your thoughts.. Hugs!

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