Mediocre America-I know why!
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Mediocre America-I know why!

With political spinning and respinning dominating the media, the question of the United States falling behind as a world leader has everyone in a panic. 

The U.S. IS  falling behind and I can tell you why!

*Waves magic wand over crystal ball* 

We are focused on documenting EVERYTHING to PROVE we know something, to prove we are "REAL". 

In SL, virtual worlds & social media, where we we are "not" real, *smile* we are not so regulated, our dreams are free to fly and creativity abounds.. both good & bad.

But in real....We have mounds and mounds of regulations trying to make everyone the same. We inhibit innovators with great single ideas because now to get into the market you must invest this much, read these rules, apply at this institution, prove you have this much credentials, pay the government this much to start a business, file these many documents... We are FORCED to salute bureaucracy!

To function as a start up requires a department of legal beagles researching what rules NOT to break, which government agencies to placate, certification institute, academic institution-- where we pay to take a course or license to prove we are valid. 

We are NOT getting it!

We still have frauds, incompetents, businesses that treat their people like crap, that are running ahead in the game ONLY because we give them credence JUST because they played the "Dot the I, Cross the T" game. 

In fact, when we give in and actually play the real life game, we lose momentum for the stuff we ARE good at, while spending hours and hours getting some validation from "the powers that be" which are in charge of mediocrity and maintaining the status quo.

I have seen this in business, watched the pain of researchers held at bay because those handing out government money will only fund research that validates them, schools required to MAKE the low reach medium while forced to ignore those with the high IQ's so they dumb down.

We have insurance, and regulations that stop doctors from practicing, teachers from teaching, cops who don't want to do the paperwork from working.. everything is burdened with red tape!

To top things off the regulations have hampered the family and relationships. No longer does anyone wish to get married because the government decides to burden people with horrible, horrible legal divorce proceedings and complications that can take years and years to get around. Why invite the government into your bedroom and your personal relationships?

We have legislated "Do NOTHING".  America became great when we started from scratch with a basic guideline and removed all the barriers Britain had imposed. We need to go back to that. Eliminate the tons and tons of supposed regulations that have bottle-necked the culture.

Right now even with all the regulations, they are NOT stopping illegal anything. Those smart and rich, move their companies out of this country and hire lawyers that can almost always find a line in some code somewhere that will say they were justified, if not out and out pay off those in power. The only ones that are held to a standard are the poor, not as smart, driven, or well connected.

If someone was out to get me, they could probably find charges somewhere three times over because I crossed the street. They could have me arrested and make my life hell, until I complied by "Doing Nothing". You are safe when you do no interfere with their immoral activities, which they have properly justified with some line of code somewhere. We are at the mercy of large bureaucratic entities only! There is no personal freedom. "Stay under the wire." Do not make waves. Do nothing. Be mediocre IS America now. 

 If a candidate wants my vote they will have to celebrate that all things are possible and take the original focus of America. Remove big power control and reboot the country. Eliminate all but a basic moral ground and give freedom back to the people. 

Adopt the "Do No Harm" creed from the medical motto and let the culture soar. Now the locals have a say in what they do and how to enforce the morals of their culture. The federal government is only in charge of national security and interstate transactions period.  

What you would see is an explosion. The smart both good and bad would  go out and create stuff. The police would have to establish what is morally correct in the area with the help of the local people who would elect the judges that would enforce their ethics.  

Businesses would be validated by their Ebay type ratings available to all online. Employees and customers would be free to rant or acclaim good work or bad. The people would rule.

When you travel an alert would instantly pop up on your smart phone saying. "The town of BlahBlah welcomes you, but do not.. "Throw gum on our streets." or any other rule for the community that goes beyond the "Do no harm" creed.

We would again start creating rules for those that go way out, but it would be a fresh start that focuses on NOW. Eliminating all but the noble lawyers, and killing off bureaucracy. 

Now when companies expect you to work through holidays and 80 hour weeks which cause employees health and life to suffer. or polluting streams, they could be held accountable, for "Doing Harm", not for regulation 375 section B of elusive document so & so.

Everyone would have to be wary, it would be a precarious time.. the morally corrupt would have to find a way to "Do no harm"... "Ah, gee.. that so sucks." lol

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