Environment Dictates the Culture
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Environment Dictates the Culture

I am writing this blog from Killarney, Ireland on a long planned for visit so my husband can connect with his Irish roots.

We toured ruins and the Cliffs of  Moher and I listened to tales from the bus driver over irish music. What do we hold dear to us? "Our stories" The stories that we wish to become part of us.

Often times it is of a heritage that had to undergo great trials. We take pride in the success of those that we identify with, whether a religion, race, profession or location. We pick and choose what becomes part of our plot.

It is hard to understand fully what living at another time and place truly means. Here is a picture in the museum in Tralee which had a Medieval layout with the ditch running down the street for the sewage and the stories of burning their own town down to the ground rather than letting the advancing army pillage its resources. We can make all sorts of judgements without actually understanding from our reference point in time and space, but would we be right? or even rationally think that we could be right?

This is what happens constantly today as we judge others in other locations and other environments. Why don't they do it the way WE do it. They must be wrong!

The burial grounds in the irish rock ridden soil meant they burnt the bodies and put the ashes and left over bones in a common pit with a pile of rocks over them. The environment creates the culture.

What is right in one place is not right in another place in time and space. We need to understand our jumping to conclusions while in virtual worlds as well. We do not know the story behind the person, their place or state of being. We can't jump in and say they are wrong unless we could do what the old indians use to say, "Walk a mile in their moccasins."

Less drama, more inquiry will hopefully lead to less pain for all. 

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