Negative Feedback? Hmmm Virtual or Real.. How do you take it?
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Negative Feedback? Hmmm Virtual or Real.. How do you take it?

Now with the book out there.. The work should be done, right? EEeeek, if that were only true.

Websites, links, reviews for the global community and getting things in other formats, beside the never ending publicity. 

All this cause I wished to assist others with the information that has proved valuable to so many with the presentations. 

I did this myself, no committee, no peer group assistance, no team to shuffle components back n forth till they are fine tuned. All the work, the assembling of ideas and integrating the input from others, all the decisions were my own. Hours of typing and respinning my thoughts and reading and rereading what I wrote to see if I can indeed help others. 

Doing the Kickstarter video and project campaign to get the funds to make it so. Not to mention webpage optimization and paperwork to start a business so I would be viable for accounting and taxes.

Understandably, no one can effectively edit their own work, so I hired an editor, who had to quit for personal reasons after a couple of chapters, leaving me to again forge for myself. The publishers did not like taking corrections so each time I would submit changes they would correct them and add two weeks to the project date.

It would never be perfect. I researched for 5 years, peer reviewed my thoughts for over 2 years, wrote for a year, publishing project took 4 months and then I offered the results to the world. 

... and what do I get as my first review on Amazon? A one star from someone that found punctuation and English errors in text that was suppose to replicate online communication?  Yes, my information was a 5, but it wasn't edited properly.  Sigh.. Why is it when you offer a treasure there are people who will point out the smudge?

Life has at least allowed me some time to start reading another book besides my own, Thank Heavens!, (well not read, but listen while driving). The book, "The New Earth" is read by someone that sounds like he's from the middle east. The rhythm is melodic and calming as he starts to once again point out the inhibiting factor of the ego. Just like the Kabbalah, Hindu, Buddha, Christ and many of the great teachings they point out the hindrance of the ego. It wasn't like I hadn't heard this all before, but now something clicked.

Something wonderful was offered and the only way to make it not so  distant from the self was to throw mud on it, which is all part of the ego.  So yes, there are errors in the book, but why look at the smudge? That must mean it was really a backhanded complement! For that I am very flattered.. TY!

Taking ownership of something is also part of the ego, which also got me thinking....Why did I not want my real name on this work, I mean outside of the fact that my real name would never be found in a Google search, because it is so common. I don't like let my avatar take the glory... so is that ego, fear, or just what is logical? I will let you know if I reach a definitive answer on that one.. it is still on the back burner of my mind... 

So my main premise is to let each have their own plot and all plots have value at least to the one spinning the plot. So after the first initial disappointment and concern that my frailties might indeed inhibit the message, I will let it go.

I have often found that my most irritating contacts teach me the most and become my greatest friends, so I look forward to further enlightenment.

I can not take ownership of another's viewpoint, nor can I claim perfection, so I will embrace the fact that somethings I let slip while juggling a hundred balls in the air and celebrate those I still have juggling. It is all good.. the universe has it under control.

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Niche Commenting on Monday, November 18, 2013 10:55 PM
thanks for info.
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