Virtual a Drain or Feed for the Soul?-Depends where you look?
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Virtual a Drain or Feed for the Soul?-Depends where you look?

Having a bad day? Want to retreat from the world?

Virtual places work to feed the soul on the bad days as well.

I was having a particularly bad time the other day, you know the type? The days when you feel like you need to curl up in a fetus position on your bed and eat ice cream..*smile*.(a bit of difficulty to eat from that position, I know, but believe me it can be

Still virtual works for those times. You can be with people and NOT be with people.  I came in and really didn't want to talk to anyone I knew, so went to a sim called "Play at Being", where the avatar sits and goes through meditation in quiet ambiance. Sometimes a person or two joins you and you sit in quiet for a time, till someone mentions something and stories get told. This is a vent for your frustrations and perplexities of life. There is value in having an out. 

But beyond just venting there are absolutely soul filling occurrences that give you the strength and edify the wonder of humanity and people's willingness to share talents and to appreciate together.

Memorial Day weekend after lunch and I remembered there was a live concert.. logged in late but was instantly met with beautiful live music, both singing and instrumental from musicians that lived across the world! Lovely classical music and a sim full of people applauding at the chance to share in this delightful experience together globally!

Some mentioned that they had never had an opportunity to go to a classical concert in real. This was their first! A brand new real experience (listening to live classical music) experienced in a "non-real" environment.  The artists were gracious, talented and interactive with their near 50 or so audience. How empowering is it to be with like-minded individuals sharing a valuable experience. We had no transportation issues, long lines to wait in nor the scrambling for seats.. jumped right into the an edifying experience. 

It took a lot of people to pull off an event, the builders of the sim, the notices, the creators of the medium that allows us to meet, plus the musicians. 

Of course, if you have read my book and recognize yourself as a disassociative.. you can always go to Ahern and scream yourself silly and vent that way...*smile* It is all good.

Virtual when understood can be the best of all worlds!

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