What about 3D causes passion in education?
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What about 3D causes passion in education?

There is a passion for those of us that are in virtual environments that bond us together.

What we KNOW is that virtual worlds grant us experiences that teach us about ourselves and the people with whom we interact. We know that this is a powerful learning tool, but...

What are we actually trying to sell the rest of the world?

Gamification is the buzz word that answered the question of why our real life is not satisfying us. It showed us what motivates is the delightful 'trial and error' mode of learning that is currently not allowed in tightly structured formal education.

Most of the time virtual worlds are not all about the game, but about interacting with people. What we learn "With" others and failing and respinning the attack.

It is the "down & dirty" of working it out yourself that delights us. The picture above was from an event in Spokane called a Mud Run where people wait for their turn to run an obstacle course that ends in a pit of water and mud. We like the challenge. Challenge is what moves us to action for a perceivable goal.

Exploring is an intrinsic need from childhood. What is around that corner? Who will I meet? What does it all mean? That is what 3D virtual environments grant us. Exploring with no predefined path has a danger about it that is missing in the nicely laid out course, which seems to be all that we are allowed to engage in within this regulated society.

So unlimited virtual worlds provides both the unknown, danger, a non-structured experience and opportunities to discover ourselves engaged with others in the attempt to secure our place within our mind and culture.

How do you create a curriculum to emulate that, when education is all about assessment and matching the predefined dots? How do you make an education curriculum open ended enough but still guided toward the goal?  

Well unless we have the Hunger Games ability to observe all, we are not. So what we develop will have to be different. How will it work out? I have made suggestions in past posts. The ideas vs practicalities have yet to be worked out.

All I know is there are a whole lot of "supposedly educated" people coming out of the virtual environment known as academia, that do not know how to do anything? So something is wrong.

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