What is True Love? Can Virtual Qualify?
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What is True Love? Can Virtual Qualify?

What is reality. Is there true love online? virtual relationships
Wow, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered before I can try an answer. "What is true love?"

First off, does the person asking the question, know what they want? 
If you don't know what YOU want, it doesn't matter what is being presented. So the first step in finding "True Love" is knowing what you want. (If you don't, you will go through several.."Maybe this is IT relationships")

The second step is holding that desire up against reality. Remember that super heroes and Prince Charmings are in comic books and fairy tales.  If I know nothing else ... I can tell you: If you marry, you will marry a human! Being human, by default, means NOT PERFECT! So guess what? Both of you will screw up... 

So third, how forgiving are you, and what degree of forgiveness can you accept in this fallible human exchange. 

Fourth, how persistent are you? Can you stick things through in the face of troubles, and unpredictable occurrences?

Lastly, are you the type of person YOU would like to be with? If you are not of the same caliber you expect to receive...it ain't gonna happen! So that puts a whole lot of weight directly into YOUR lap. 

Ok, let's say you got that covered, and you are looking for True Love. Now you have created in yourself the type of person you are seeking. The odds have gone up greatly.

But if you're a man "True love" means one thing, for a women it means another. 

A man needs his physical desires met and someone that he can relax around. If he really loves you, he wishes to take "Ownership" of his partner's happiness. If you are not happy, he sees that as his failing. No one can in-reality make someone else happy, but a man who loves you, will try.

If you are a woman, "True love" means you want to help him in his goals. You want him to stick around through raising of kids and not leave you in a lurch, not call you fat, and be your buffer to the trials of the world.

Can anyone ever hope to be all things to any person. NO! So this might mean that "True Love" is not a forever trajectory. People change, needs change and rise up and down in priority. There is no way of knowing if your love focus will remain that way, but that does not mean it was not "True Love". 

"True Love" forgives.

The definition of "True Love" should not include forever...you can of course, hope... but you must also forgive that the reality might not be what happens. Forgive in Advance!

This is triply true in a virtual love affair. Forgive in Advance your expectations. Most likely, they won't be fully met. Do only what you feel is comfortable to you. Do not make your partner the debtor in the relationship. "What? I gave you all this. Did your socks... etc etc" meaning you are expecting something for those services. You have made them a debtor in your mind. You will be miserable when that debt is not paid. If you gave it because it made you happy to do so, then you're free.

Did they add to your life? Probably, or you wouldn't have been with them. It could be that this is just a temporary parting and lives will intertwine again. 

The definition of "True Love" is a time table that shares a common goal and mutual needs and respect are satisfied for both. Nothing is forever. We are all living inside a deteriorating biological unit.  Can you love anyway? That is "True Love!"

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