Will I EVER fit in? Have you ever felt that way?
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Will I EVER fit in? Have you ever felt that way?

When you try something and it is off base.. Can you live with it?

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Preaching Does Virtual Work? Virgin's Handbook on Virtual Relationships.
This is a requested review by a video blogger on his interpretation of what the book is suppose to be trying to explain. He is a bit off base, but is cute with his portrayal, so I thought it would be ...

So I saw this cute actor that does little video promotionals and I requested his services. I gave him the words I wished him to include and the website with book reviews and he saw ONE WORD from the back cover and that became his core focus. SEX!

Me bad, of course... he is a guy! Duh! Of course that is where he will focus. He did a great job, the video is clear and he is articulate and in character with his spin... so I have nothing to complain about but...

When I try so hard to explain something and even the questions get misinterpreted.... How can anyone truly expect to communicate?

I have been interviewing for regular jobs lately as my husband lost his and our medical insurance, so having your own business without insurance may soon be only a memory.

It is unbelievable. If you do not look like the interviewer and act like them, then they do not even listen. You see their eyes roll up in there head as they think, "How long is it till break."

I am perplexed that I can not be who I am. I must redo my resume and my thoughts now to exactly mirror the words used in the job description. We have gotten to such a confined, regimented, "Ant like" mentality that to hint you are comprised of any other component than their little box, means you can't possibly be an asset.

That is where we are now with the country, businesses, & education. The DRONE syndrome. Everyone claims they want innovation, creativity and new solutions, but screams in revulsion at anything that is different.  The beauty and function is in diversity people!

I am a tall female, so when interviewed by young little petite things they are instantly intimidated. My resume is long with lots of examples and accomplishments, that instantly intimidates even the guys. 

I must dumb down. When I have an interview I need not to be ME. I need to act weak and subservient and beg instead of present. I live in a rural country town of under 3000 people. They think you are after their jobs, so they are looking to hire those that they figure they can intimidate. That ain't me. 

I work for function. If I say I can do a job, it will be the best job done you could have imagined, and if it isn't, I will figure out why.

My IQ has been reported as being as low as 131 to 147. I don't intimidate easily. But I listen and I can analysis and I can get a project to fruition faster and smoother than most, but if it wasn't done by your outline... does that make it wrong? 

We should never have to be an exact copy of another, because as a copy we will never be the same as the original. My little guy here might never get what it was I am trying to say, but he saw something he valued and that was his spin. *smile*

...and that does have value.

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Marly Milena on Wednesday, August 29, 2012 7:47 PM
Ahem, <>
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Pamala Clift on Thursday, August 30, 2012 7:28 AM
I know Marly, this was uncomfortable for me as well. When I hired him as the preacher I thought, and I wrote that he was to work on the angle of new revelation about our technological age. He came up with this script himself. But when I show it to some .. they GET it from this angle. So I am trying to learn how to understand and be comfortable with things outside my box as well.
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