Remember when you were idealistic? & Now?
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Remember when you were idealistic? & Now?

When life was  new for the baby boomers the idea of making the world a place of peace and love was their center focus.

Then life happened and most entered the mainstream  with the competition for money, prestige and the fantasy of what most call reality. Now looking back on life, the question is which one of these existences was the fantasy?

We often find that the path we thought was correct was just a direction not a permenent trajectory, if not totally invalid. So we review past directions to see if they are valid from this spot in our linear time line.
This is a new spin on an old theme. 

I got invited to a lovely re-creation of a commune (Utopia commune). They requested I present my virtual relationship presentation. The environment was supportive and loving but now in a pixelated world. The same familiar feeling of nature and sitting on rocks with bare feet in grass within a virtual world. Wonderful that we can recreate our past and immerse ourselves again in the vision of our youth and ideals.

How much of the past is truly valid? How much of a pixelated world is real? With more and more items being examined, found lacking and disgarded it becomes a real treasure to actually find a component of ourself that can stand the inquisition. 

And that is about it, I guess... the sifting through of all the thoughts, experiences and interactions shared to find the gems that are true and solid for our life's story from all points of time.

The pixelated world contributing to introspection. A very valid use of the medium, because as one very brilliant philosopher has stated.
"A life unexamined is not worth living!" Socrates

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