Sexual Orientation Virtual or not-- Tells Us What?
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Sexual Orientation Virtual or not-- Tells Us What?

I came from a very Christian oriented framework. You do this; You don't do that. Follow the rules and everything will be perfect. You will be a good person.

You don't have to talk about sex cause all you need to know is in the Bible. If it is not in there, you don't need to talk about it.  And if it is says something is bad, then that has to rule your life and morals forever!

Life is not like that, however. The very thing that needs to be discussed is avoided, and the bathroom of biological needs stays dirty, cause no one is suppose to go there? So it just gets darker, uglier and more confused. 

Gay rights and the moral right are at odds and become the dividing line for voting and judging whether a person is good or perverted. As if money is not a greater perversion?

So we have a country and a world that is at odds and fighting and hating. Drugs that are ruining conscious thought, companies that are exploiting the earth, the poor, women and children for this money and power thing, but what is our focus? 

You are bad if you LOVE someone.. unconventionally.

That is right, a world full of horrible hate, woes and pain and our determination of what is bad is who someone LOVES?

Love is a good thing. Hate is a bad thing. Exploiting people and destruction needs to be our moral focus.

While in virtual worlds I heard of androgynous, which is neither clearly masculine or feminine in appearance and desires. I then did some research. Apparently the "only two sex/genders" is a fiction. There is a sliding scale on sex in the reality of the biological. I personally over heard, while in nursing, two doctors discussing the fact that they found a full uterus in a man. They decided between themselves not to tell the patient because it would give him a complex.

So what is being fought for, as I say in my book, is "The Plot". We have a fiction in our mind of how things should work and we deny everything that is contradictory, no matter how factual, aggressively defending our storyline.

Virtual existence becomes the quiet location for those that are outside the conventional guidelines. I am presented with the extremes  constantly and struggle with my own plot's boundaries. I, at least, know that my storyline is my own construct so with each expansion of my vision I can see what has been said by all the great teachers.

Love one another!

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