Validation Fight- Qualitative vs Quantitative
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Validation Fight- Qualitative vs Quantitative

We are a very insecure world. 

As a result we spend a whole lot of wasted energy fighting to prove we are valid.

We are also not to smart..hehe

We look at numbers as the only truth. Yet I know so many that can spin the numbers to be anything you want. Still somehow that doesn't matter. It is easy to see that 5 is greater than 4.. so being lazy we say, "Show us numbers". In reality numbers are most often based on guesses on irrelevant components that are most easily measured. Yet we still think numbers more valuable than opinion and experience.

We can't even get consistent numbers from the government. The data can be spun and re-spun so everyone can look right or wrong depending on who is creating the commentary.

Education is out to prove by their numbers and shear amount of rules and guidelines that that makes them the most valid. Government charges exorbitant fees for licenses to allow you to work , but only if you have paid some educational institution to listen to a professors summer vacation tales, fill out some good/bad tests and go in debt. This is where believing in numbers has gotten society.

How much value is the quantitative. Lots, within their environment! If you need to measure a house, go to mars, figure out software components or your business profits, numbers and the quantitative is the way to go....BUT!! 

Humans don't fit numbers. If you wish to be happy or to assist in creating happiness, it can never be achieved with a number of anything. If you get more money that doesn't buy happiness except in a short spurt of delusion that quickly fades. Humans only respond positively with qualitative characteristics.

With a world so currently focused on the numbers, we humans are really aliens here? The joys in life come from the qualitative,... the smile of a child, the sunrise, the success of playing an instrument, painting, writing, creating. We value courage, beauty, friendship, love, trustworthiness...all things that can only speculatively be assigned numbers.

Why do we insist on trying to be what we are not? You want to fight Wall St, combat global inequities? Let's start shouting out that we refuse to be validated with numbers! If we don't that red tape is going to strangle us all into a world where we can not live.

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James on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 10:50 AM
Many parents are unaware that they can include the "right of first refusal" in child possession and access orders.
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