What if Real Life was a Simulation as well?
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What if Real Life was a Simulation as well?

Been reviewing technology, psychology, biology, cosmology, videos, and the more I ponder the more I question.

What if we were children of a greater intellect? What would we be doing? 

Children try emulating their parents. They try to peel potatoes, fix cars, all awkwardly, at first, with the goal to master the task, and possibly surpass their parents.

What do we do? We are trying to emulate our physical world. We are making synthetic skins, virtual reality glasses, holographics, AI, to see if we can make them better, which is what kids normally strive for... to out-do the old folks. We wish to understand the cyphers of our environment, decode DNA, create new materials on an atomic level.

This is not a different idea from the religious perspective, that we are children of God, but lets examine our perceptions.

The five traditionally recognized methods of perception: hearingsighttouchsmell and taste. We could go through each one and point out how they can be differently perceived or fooled, but I am not going to go into that, here. They are a limited construct that, at times, are not valid. 

We all look through the window of our reality with our perceptions, and as the picture above shows... that gives us a particular slant and limited  picture of what is truly there.

So what if that is the wall of the simulation, the software of our perceptions? You know in a virtual gaming environment it really is not unlimited. Your path is given several options but you really can't go outside the lines. So what if that is the same with this reality? Our perception is the game.

Some of us have wizard capabilities, others math, each a different perceptional confine that controls our engagement levels with the simulation we are in.  

So as children we recreate our own simulation and the plots that we engage in and call it virtual reality, our Lincoln Log replication of reality :).

If there is an ending to this existence, Mayan time limit or not, could it be the opening of awareness that our perceived construct is just a linear simulation? It could explain why few bother to reconnect, come back from the dead. When the game is over, either try again(reincarnation) or do a different game.

Just something to think about? Your thoughts?

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Training Needs Assessment Services on Monday, November 04, 2013 10:55 PM
I really like your post. You are right that Our perception is the game. All of us have different abilities. Good read on simulation.
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