I think I am ruined for Real Life Face to Face. Too Slow.
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I think I am ruined for Real Life Face to Face. Too Slow.

I have had several Real Life meetings and engagements this last little while and I think virtual has ruined them for me. They are too limiting.

So I decided instead of everyone touting the virtues of Face2Face. I was going to list the things I do and do not like about Real life meetings.

1. In a conference or a meeting you can SEE people being disinterested in what you are saying. In virtual their avatar looks the same whether they are chatting up the gal next to them in IM or not. There is the lovely illusion that you are holding people's attention. lol

2. Boredom. When you do hit those meetings or family gatherings when nothing intelligent is being said, you have the freedom to open up a second screen and get some work done with out having to fake interest. Just let your avatar face the speaker. You can even go to the bathroom or grab something to eat and not care if someone sees what your eating it. 

3. Mostly they are way to slow. Face to face meetings are linear in time. You have to wait to contribute, whereas in virtual you can start typing getting ready to hit enter, or collaborate with someone about the speaker or subject at hand. "Does he know that his shirt's unbuttoned?" "Who is this guy again?"

    Talking to your neighbor is not disruptive and it allows you to again focus on a discussion versus a lecture. Most presentations do not allow interruptions. Virtual means you can ask any one online if they were familiar with the study that the speaker mentioned. Watch the video yourself to see if you agree etc.  All while they are rambling on about trying to get their projector and mic to work. There is no down time.

4. Going there. Oh My Gosh what a bore. Had to travel to a coffee shop to meet some of my group members for the http://www.nanowrimo.org/ The November Novel Writing. So I have to drive, find a parking space and walk to the establishment, then within that establishment figure out who and where they are so I could meet them. All that takes a heck of a long time. 

     Whereas when I am finished at 10 am in virtual,  I can instantly be at a location at 10.01 for my next engagement. The amount of wasted time spent in travel to work, to meetings for a smidgen of contact time is inefficient for rapid exchange of ideas.

5. Time If you have something to say to someone, you can type it to them and they will get it when they get in around the world in any time zone. Real life you have to catch the individual at an appropriate time. To go out in public also means you have to take time on your wardrobe, your makeup, gas for vehicles, A whole lot of wasted time. I suppose if your CEO is a techie, online tools are at least used supplementally  , but if not, we are back to 1922 level of speed if not slower.

    Real life appears to run way to slow and inefficient for me now. I am ruined. *holds head in hands.....while flirting in another window, watching a video in another, checking speakers references  online... and slipping her shoes off in real.*

I may never be good for real life again.. lol.. Hugs.

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