The Value of NOT Knowing!
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The Value of NOT Knowing!

In my last quarter, of my last year of college, as a Bus. Mgt. major (which at the time was considered one of the elite colleges on campus) I had a motivation class.

My motivation demonstration: The Value of Not Knowing
It was my premise that people enjoy not knowing the answer. The question stays in the mind and the pondering is enjoyable. 

To prove my point, I came to class in my full get up as my clown persona, and did some simple tricks. The first magic trick was a simple disconnected tassel trick in two separate sticks. You pull the tassel on one stick, and even though the sticks are disconnected the tassel goes up on the other stick.

The trick is really very impressive because it does not seem possible. There were a lot of Ooohs and Ahhhs along with giggles, speculation and excitement.

My next question was, "Does anyone know how this trick is done?" As you can expect, some smart A__; I mean an intelligent student offered up the solution. I confirmed it and the whole energy of the room died.

Not knowing is of value, because it inspires wonder. A kick starter for the brain to think. We have so few ponderable things any more.

Our life shows no value for this elusive wonder that engages our brain. We have lost our value and our ability to ponder. We claim to just want facts. "Google it" and your done.

This is what has happened with education today. They want their students to recall definable facts. However, that is not needed in today's market because we already have Google? We WANT people who can think.

The old education model is dead. If we are not instigating within our students the creation of questions, the output of our education system will have already been outdated by search engines.

This brings me to my final point as to why virtual engagement is such an attraction. When we meet someone online we are forced to wonder.

Is that really who they are? Could he really be a famous actor, billionaire, or my Mom? You never truly know who you will come across and the excitement of figuring out how much is real becomes the nectar of enjoyment.

Why do people like that? It is the first thing not definitively apparent.
An exploration is required and that hooks us.

I guarantee if we had more intriguing question-stimulating classes there would be less.....hmmmm.. nope... I take that back. Social engagement is here to stay! The fact that we are such bizarre unexplainable creatures truly is a cause for wonder. Hugs!

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