Guns? Really People? THAT's your Fiction?
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Guns? Really People? THAT's your Fiction?

I am constantly criticized that I work in a fantasy virtual world, so what do I know? Smile

What I know is, that because of the concentration of fantasy beliefs within that virtual world, ... I now can see the fantasies of Real Life. The same type stories exist in our so called Real World, but are just as invisible to us as those who believe in their fantasy life.

I happened upon a Facebook discussion with a brilliant friend, rich and famous who was talking about guns in shootings at schools. 

Below are my entries.. cleaned up and clarified.. (Typonese still rules my communication skills) I hate that I can't insert paragraphs in the  dialog.
Facebook response to a discussion about putting mandatory insurance on gun owners.
 It seems we are missing the point here. Cars, planes, stupidity, misjudgments, bad software, electricity ALL kill people, but none of that occurs without “people”... otherwise the dam metal things sit in a case.   

The problem is NOT the tools.. it is people and our current culture.

Society is no longer centered around the figure of a God or righteousness... or even morals, Society seems to focus on getting attention and your gaming score. It is almost impossible to find a game that does not have points associated with how many KILLS you make. We have bred a society of desensitized killers.   

If you do not treat the problem .. People and isolation, selfishness, etc.. they will just get a different weapon.   

I was in the military law enforcement and the first thing they teach you is, if you are a target for an assassin.... you can neither stop it, or prevent it.. your only hope is that they are stupid & you’re lucky. There are so many ways to kill.. Why do people keep saying it is guns?   

---next entry---

Ok, one more attempt here, to put blame where it should be, instead of on an inanimate object which is a very silly thing to do. "How dare those scissors cut your hair so short?" lol.. So let’s throw away all scissors?    

---next entry---

Whoops.. hit enter(which caused my one more statement to be two).. see it is people who are the idiots.. *waves hand in air* our current society.  

OK.. lets think about this a bit. How long have guns been around? 

Let’s just say, Winchester rifle 1848. The guns were used for hunting, protection and bank robberies plus stupid stuff. (Many could get lovely Darwin awards.)   

The Columbine tragedy hit us in 1999.. that makes it 151 years since guns have been around and used like people do in good and bad ways (Like any other tool). No one in their right mind would have thought to turn a gun on kids in school? 

So what has changed from back then to now? Society was based, whether you believe it to be an illusion or not.. God. We now have taken that illusion out of the core of our society, along with morals and replaced it with the "Look at me!" mentality. 

Few of us in this economy are going to have the money to rule the world, so that leaves tools. 

As for guns in ordinary citizens hands? You are kidding me right? Our founding fathers knew that once government disarms its citizens it no longer becomes the government of the people, only the people in power. 

We need to take responsibility for our own safety, police are cut and criminal behavior is more rewarding than ever. People think you can just tell the maniac to get on the ground. *rolls eyes* 

Legal paperwork doesn't solve life, only complicates it and puts up ambiguity and constraints to action.

The problem is we are not a rural culture anymore. We have no respect for anything, no honor, no self responsibility. 

We whine..."Somebody should DO something." 

Notice nobody says, “I” will do… it is always “Them out there, should do.” 

Let's stop whining about the tools and start to seriously look at the core Fiction our society believes and do something about THAT. 

Like I say in my book, "We do NOT live for reality; We live for our fantasy" A culture spins on a core value.. we have none.. we have stripped illusions away, yes..but that has left us with....WHAT! 

The best thing we can do for our society is create a story or belief, (fiction or not) that typifies America with something other than, money hungry control freaks, who beat up the world if they don’t play by our rules.  
______End of Facebook rant... so far..hehe

It is not just virtual that makes up stories....Joseph Campbell recognized that it is OUR stories that motivate us and which creates a cohesive culture and ubiquitous goals.

We need that story!

3 Comments to Guns? Really People? THAT's your Fiction?:

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police officer on Wednesday, February 27, 2013 12:55 AM
I wanna buy a gun, so I was looking forward for such kind of blog which deals with gun. At last I have come to find here. So, I am thankful to you. Carry on.
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Steven Hopkins on Saturday, May 21, 2016 11:47 AM
once government disarms its citizens it no longer becomes the government of the people, only the people in power.
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Steven Hopkins on Sunday, May 22, 2016 7:54 AM
The idol worship needs to end. Rational minds must take control and start a different conversation.
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