AI Brain vs Human Brain:Where is the Volume Control?
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AI Brain vs Human Brain:Where is the Volume Control?

I got a wonderful gift from a dear philosopher friend, who sent me the new book by Ray Kurzwell called, "How to Create a Mind -The Secret of Human Thought Revealed"

Have you ever felt like you wanted to talk to the author and interject your thoughts?

I often contemplate the conjecture that we are just biological creatures with chemical programming and nothing else? How often the research for artificial intelligence seeks the proper decision components of a task and figures that is intelligence.

What is the difference between AI and our human thought process? Well in computers there are 0 & 1's. Things are right or they are wrong. Computers are great at filtering multiple inputs and sifting the information and making accurate determination. 

So what is different with our human processing?  This is what I wished to share with the author. Humans are not always right with their information nor its validation because they filter things through their "Engagement levels".

I call the engagement levels, Disassociative, Immersive and Augmentative as how much we give information presented, credence.

Yes we might know we are listening to Beethoven's Fur Elise; know its a piano playing and hear the notes...BUT we all receive the information at different volumes and different levels of knowledge.

If I say guns are good, and your filter says guns are bad. The information is discarded and the speaker dismissed. Totally unlike a computer might do, which is to take the information and compare it to other input as a valid piece of data to be processed.

We consciously and unconsciously choose to PRE-filter information presented against our already constructed "rules of engagement". We turn the volume down on observations. We can walk through a forest and only pay attention to the birds, bees, fungi and never think of the trees.

Maybe to construct a natural AI we would need to also give it blind spots. *smile* We would need to throw in it some already pre-programmed grooves for its thoughts to follow. 

Now the question is? Could we also give it a way to jump the groove if it "Felt" like it? What components of its environment would grant it the emotional spins that might take it out of its groove of thought? 

All these things would have to be added. What VALUEs would get its greatest processing time?

We are moving fast toward Artificial Intelligence. (I still waiting to see how male programmers are going to handle a female persona. hehe)

Happy New Year 2013! .. At least I think so... but maybe I am wrong.. 
aww heck.. it doesn't FEEL like a new year.


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for details on Wednesday, June 12, 2013 2:46 AM
Scientist have been trying to reveal the secrets of human thoughts for a long time. But Its still remains as a mystery. Even though we haven't found out about our thoughts yet, we had already implemented artificial intelligence onto machines! I like your comparison. biological creatures with chemical programing! Close enough!
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discount ct scan on Thursday, June 05, 2014 11:21 PM
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Evan Chambers on Friday, June 19, 2015 4:06 AM
Thanks for your posting.Interesting post.I also like this post.
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