Your Treasure is Fluid? Nothing is Permanent?
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Your Treasure is Fluid? Nothing is Permanent?

I just had to go through a recreation of the Think Tank for the Roadside Philosophers as Rockcliffe was shifting around sims.

They gave me more space and I had a bit of fun creating in an intense two day panic'd move. I found a lovely underwater sea cave that had a treasure chest to add and threw down a meditation pillow to sit. Well a meditation pillow sitting by a treasure chest? What could be more apropos than a sign saying, "Meditate upon: For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

So I sat there and was thinking. I tell my philosophers all the time that my heart is in the think tank and that they are very important to me, hence are they my treasure? I think that is so, but it was not always so.

As a child I had little treasures, as a teen I had my idols, as an adult I had my spouse, as a mom I had my children...

So are they any less treasures because they are past? On this linear time line of life we change our focus. When my son was 12 he said he loved his bike and never could see himself desiring a car. Of course, I just smiled.

Our perspective changes, our knowledge changes, our desires change and as a result so can our relationships change. Does that make them any less of a treasure?

I hear terrible pain and confusion over lost love interests. I have this horrible problem of wanting to make it all better for everyone. So I say, "But wasn't it nice? Didn't you learn a lot? What wonderful memories? So what will be your next adventure or engagement?"

We seem to hate transition, as if it is a disease. Yet transition saves us from stagnation. Nothing in this universe can survive without movement. When we refuse to change or even embrace the change with the enthusiasm and curiosity of what new delights we might find, we create for ourselves hours, days, months and years of pain.

Technology and society are moving at an uncomfortably fast pace, with so much to know and learn just to move appropriately from space to space, tax year to tax year.. how can we survive if we do not change our speed of acceptability in transition?

We need to be fluid, and accept that nothing will stay the same. 

Now, I am already thinking about the next time I have to move.... hmmm... not looking forward to that actually.... lol, but even I have to change.

Maybe we will can all learn to be a little more nomadic in our expectations that nothing will change. You never know what new treasures that are out there to be found. Hugs!

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Michele Rubatino on Friday, January 18, 2013 9:52 PM
When you say pain, you say it like it is a bad thing. If pain was bad, it would not exist. We have an opinion it's bad, but the sheer fact is it is woven into the fabric of the treasure, one can eventually see there is no difference. I read an article that serial killers loved to view porn, because the look on the woman's face was the same face he could see as he killed her, a look of fear. This was his treasure! When I look into BDSM, and see women begging for physical pain, I have to wonder, is pain all that bad? Surely we grow from it, and since it is evident to happen to all, perhaps that is the real reason we are here, to experience pain. How boring life might be without it.
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Pamala Clift on Monday, January 21, 2013 9:58 AM
Leave it to you Michele to pick the negative term. lol I am talking about emotional & self-inflicted psychological pain, not physical, and yes we are down here to exercise against resistance, which often includes painful components. What I am talking about is not inflicting MORE pain on yourself with transition than is needed to complete the transition. We all have limited energy and it is best spent toward productive directions for our progress.

willy on Tuesday, August 05, 2014 4:06 AM
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Kathleen S. Warren on Friday, August 28, 2015 10:51 PM
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