Tokens of Love-Redundant?
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Tokens of Love-Redundant?

When I was little, my mom told me you should get people something that you would like yourself.

That more or less worked for me with family members and those of my same gender... BUT... it totally doesn't work for giving to the opposite gender. 

When you would love a nice dinner out and he would like a quiet homemade dinner in front of the TV.. how can you each get what you want? Someone is going to have to give up their desires?

Is is just for the woman that love is expressed? Why is that do you suppose? Maybe because men see "no requirements" as their desire. Just feed me, give me sex, don't yell at me or give me too long of a list of honey-dos and I am happy. 

A woman has been weened on the romance novel plots. Also no one likes to think of themselves as nothing other than the "left arm of their spouse". When we marry or in a long term relationships we get complacent. We expect certain things and sit comfortably in that mold. If you truly wish to celebrate something, you need to get out of your mind set and do something different. 

That goes for women as well. What would he like to do? Maybe Skeet shooting class or a coupon for that week-end away with the boys without complaint? 

Our plot is what we live for and if we don't have a refresher now and then, the plot will die and so will the relationship. 

I was reading that over 60's are becoming the highest age group for divorce. We have got tired of hearing the same thing day after day, with the same expectations that solidify into steel bars, instead of comfort. 

Shaking things up, one way or the other has got to be in the cards. The tokens of love, if it is the same dozen roses complacently brought home will not do the trick.

So make a NEW tradition for every five years your together. Something you will do for the next 5 years that totally shows that you both have acknowledged that life together is far better than apart.

The true token of love.. .*gasp* has to have love as the motivation.

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