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Online ARMOR-Keep it up!

Being online means you are either hiding behind anonymity, or your exposed. 

Those who perceive their online engagements as "not real", and use it as a form of entertainment could easily target you, just to vent.

The wolfs sometimes run in packs. The trolls work hard to be insulting, demeaning, crude and very targeted. They will pick out a comment, or your picture and specifically narrow in search for your weak spot. They want a reaction.

What do you have for Armor? How secure are you in the face of derogatory comments? If your online you better be prepared.

The funny thing is, even if you are hiding behind anonymity of an avatar or a gaming name, the gut reaction when you're attack will be the same for those that identify with their created persona.

Why are they attacking me? This goes on with products, companies, web pages, blogs, reviews. The trolls will seek to get noticed and the more of a reaction you give; the more trouble you will see.

So what do you do to protect yourself? One thing is to first question the State of Being of your attacker. Are they sincerely concerned that your comment will bring down the world? or are they way-over-the-top with their attack? (A good hint that you have a disassociative trolling for attention)

The worse thing you can do to them is smile... breath in... ignore them or label them a troll or a disassociative and tell them go off and play. For those hard nosed nit-pickers you may just have to grit your teeth and endure until you get a brilliant come-back that will bring humor into the attack. Humor will defuse many situations, but that takes time to cultivate. Agreeing with them, "Oh yeah.. I agree I am totally ugly." will take the wind out of their sails as well.

If you fight them, you will always be chasing your tail. You will always be the loser.

So think about it before you expose yourself. What armor will you use. Humor, ignoring, deep breathing, agreeing with them... and can you make it so it doesn't hurt you?  Please know that you have to learn how to forget negative interjections otherwise you will forever be hiding.

Many times you can actually have the trolls work for you.  Calm chats are boring, but a little controversy helps shake up the engagement. They don't like your product! So milk it.. Why don't you like it? Has anyone else had that problem? 

Sometimes when I am dealing with a troll, quiet lurkers will come out to defend me or my product. Be patience. Stay cool. If you thought it a good idea before, it probably is still a good idea. 

Engagement is good. Technology and human interactions are still in their infancy. We are all trying to figure out how much of this should be a real part of our lives.

Know yourself. Have confidence in your thoughts. Sometimes even bad publicity is good and keep the armor up. 

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click here for more informations on Wednesday, August 14, 2013 10:10 AM
Because of posts like this I surf the internet and when I found you, the time I felt I was wasting, just turned my thoughts around and now I am thinking I invested my time in something really interesting.!!!
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