How Quickly Do Our Skills Grow Old?
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How Quickly Do Our Skills Grow Old?

I remember when the computer geek Atari club met all enthralled with seeing the first demonstration of a Gig hard drive over the then common-place squealing tape drives.

We all knew everything everyone else there knew. We were the Sunnyvale, California Geeks! We talked computer-eeze.

Spagetti code basic is long gone. DOS is long gone. How many versions of Windows have passed away? How many computer languages have changed and now are totally rewritten in new interfaces, technologies, html code etc? 

What you coded yesterday was hacked today, causing security issues that take the next three months to remedy and create a block for the next anticipated attack.

To be in the Geek World now, you only get maybe five years of expertise before your skill set is marginalized and then replaced. We don't learn and transition that fast. Schools don't have time enough to even create a curriculum. 

...But wait... that is the slow part.

I use to replace my desktop every two years. Then laptops became the new thing and I would buy a replacement laptop on the off years. 

Then there came cell phones which tried to do my replacement model of every two years, but Noooooo... We are moving faster. We hear a new phone becoming top-dog almost every other month. Tablets are becoming that and faster. 

Technology is changing so fast, that trying to learn and keep up is no longer a one, two, or thousand person task. Time to become an expert in any technology takes the length of time for it to become extinct. There isn't funds to keep supporting past technology, so people are left with non-integratible components of hardware and skill sets.

I jump in and pick something to master and then watch its evolution peak and fade. The decision then becomes, which of the new technological interfaces do I wish to devote my attention? The choice is critical, because a wrong choice means you will lose before you can benefit from that skill. The skill still needs to be in demand. If you pick the wrong one, you have wasted six months to a year of self development.

Add to that social media interfaces and the different ways people connect and the mass accumulation of data that is shared about us across the web, government agencies and there is more knowledge about an individual than most of us can remember about ourselves, let alone our neighbors. (Oh, Really? Two years ago I looked on the dachshund page?)

The exponential speed we are changing will soon pass our ability to contribute and the coding will be allocated to the computers for which we once wrote the programs.

Then I guess I will go back to my garden and work the soil. I assume a tomato will still be a tomato, no matter what shape or color they come up with.

Will people then go by the way-side? What will be our use if everything is handled by the machines we have created? Will our purpose then just be as consumers and no longer contributors? 

The singularity might not be such a utopia if we don't have a vision greater than, "What's for dinner?" Guess we will learn how it feels to be on this side of the circle of life. Then I will have to learn how to speak dinosaur. Hugs!

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