When Fantasy is all there is?
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When Fantasy is all there is?

I write all the time with quotes like;"We do not live for reality; we live for our fantasy."

I often say there isn't anything that is real, it is ALL fantasy. (Being a philosopher has a lot of those circular dances in logic) 

Whether we pretend that the government is a worthy steward of our lives or a tyrant, the belief we hold is, to someone else, a fantasy and in error.

With the manipulation abilities of multimedia, our fantasies can be a very convincingly presented with manipulated pictures, respun wordings and taking comments out of context, both culturally and literally. We are swamped with multiple media sources all quoting statistics and absolutes in a convoluted mire of differences.

As the Roadside Philosopher I have pretty much dismissed it all and stepped out of this existence in my mind. The motto "It is all fantasy" has allowed me to shake my head and look at things observationally, but understanding that brings with it no happiness.(Philosophy has always had miserable people touting reality)

I am planning a trip to Orlando to all the theme parks I can fit into my time slot. So as a result I have been watching videos on YouTube. Theme parks are built on fantasy creations. I have not only watched what is presented, but the people at their levels of engagement.(Real Life version of my States of Being lecture)

There are the kids that are masters of "suspending disbelief" totally engaged in whatever is presented to them at the level it is presented. They have a blast. 

Teens want thrills and social pecking order. 

Adults want an easier way to get around, "Is the food good? and what's it all gonna cost?" mentality. 

Seniors who walk around bored cause they have seen it all before...or seniors that allow themselves the insight that says, "Yes it is all pretend, but Why not?" and also join totally into the construct as if children again.

I suffer from the "I have seen it all before." problem. I use to do magic so going to wonderful magic shows is not entertaining for me. I know where to look, what mechanism is being used. It is devoid of wonder.

Watching the opening activity on a video of Disney's Magic Kingdom with the performers singing and dancing and trying to yet again be excited about doing the same thing day after day. I watched the crowd yawn waiting for the gates to open and dismissing real people for the hope that something inside will get them uplifted.

This is what this post is about. When you see life realistically as it is all a spin of reality, nothing is important, everything becomes boring.

In my State of Being lecture I call the Disassociative & Immersive perspective compulsory. Only Augmentative can make a conscious choice of their level of engagement. So what I am seeing here is seniors who are augmentative choosing not to be upset with the scary parts (comforting the little ones) and totally immersed for the fun parts.

"Where we focus IS reality." So choosing consciously your engagement level will work to make you happier in real life as well as virtual.

I think I am going to try to consciously "suspend disbelief" and do as those augmentative seniors and enjoy the magic. Consciously choosing to embrace your focused fiction. It really is the only thing that is real, your choice to engage.

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