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Breath In & Out Engagement

Today we had a lovely Roadside Philosopher's meeting and even with the holiday weekend had about 35 in attendance. The topic
was "Our Perspectives through Time".

The assignment was to think back when you were absolutely certain something was right, to find down the line that it was false. It was suppose to be a way of laughing at ourselves and the elusive fluidity of truth.

Childhood beliefs vs adult realities & Forever Loves that didn't turn out to be forever were some of the very serious components that were shared.

A few people spoke of their beliefs concerning the virtual worlds. How when they first came in they thought it was a game, but after time they understood they could meet and make great relationships that edified their life.

We change. Truth Changes. Engagement will be a breathing ritual for almost everything we do. 

I use to spend up to 50 hours a week in one virtual world or another as I researched my book on relationships. I used my contacts for networking and had some small success, but now I go in very rarely. What's wrong with me?

I find myself wavering between engaging with everything trying to make it right in the world, to sitting on the sideline and observing the universe spin.

But this is natural apparently.  The extremes of life are not only for individuals but for cultures. I remember when women had to make sure their men were happy and forgive indiscretions because to leave the relationship put them on the street. Now it appears that women are making a pretty great living getting up to 80% of their Ex's income, plus new husband and a job, while the poor ex can barely make ends meet. Talk about extreme shifts!

Seems I am always on the wrong side of the swing.. lol. When I was young I was beaten and told to shut up. Now you're bad if you ask your kids not to scream in the store and if you do, you get reported for child abuse.

I keep hoping that moderation will be available for the human race, but the  pendulum of life has to tick tock back and forth to keep going. 

Good times follow bad. Bad times follow good. Will we ever learn? Maybe after we stop breathing? 

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